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Monday, August 22, 2005

Thoughts on Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war commie movement, and other wimps of the world.....

I am really getting sick of the polls I see everyday, in newspapers across the country. The only poll's that even get mentioned are anti-war favorable. If it is good for Republicans, then its not news. Also this Cindy Sheehan squatters convention is still getting media air play, and she's not even there.
My friends I believe that we have a serious problem in our country. These things point to a problem that is far worse than any disease epidemic. A problem far greater than any war. And a problem more serious than any terrorist attack.
The problem we face is named Girlymanidas. Or in lamens terms, Chronic Wimpness. Every time I see a senator on capital hill, distort facts, get emotional, or just try to hard to color coordinate, I feel that the species of man has suffered some sort of setback. I fail to understand people I meet everyday on the street. So many are worried about what people might think of them, or how something will make people feel. So people lie, or do almost anything to protect others feelings. How can this serve us well ? Their seems to be no place for honesty in our society. At the rate we are going, we will have to take polls on what to eat every night by 2020. The simple facts are, life is a struggle for everyone. No matter where you come from, or what family you are born into. That kind of struggle builds the leaders of our world. Without it we would have no character.
War is also hard. And nations also have character. For instance, The Soviet Union. How many places did they liberate, or free during their reign in Asia and Europe ? Except for Germany, (with our help, and later they trapped the German people behind the wall) none. But they were aggressive in taking over lands in the great communists Expansion days. You could almost say a lack of character helped to create The Soviet Movement. These movements were almost always fueled by the emotional subject of equality. Equal money, living standards, and other things. In America our country has a history of doing what is right by the people of the world. We have freed many lands and occupied none of them. We normally ask nothing in return. America has a policy of freedom around the world. And this has never been easy.
During WWII, their were Americans dying at alarming rates during combat. Civilian casualty's were an means to an end in every operation. It was assumed. But the generation that lived during this time had real men. Not these metrosexuals, as they call them, but men who new that it was a hard road to victory. And that our troops needed all the support that they could get. I don't mean support as in, bring back the troops, but support like, Kick those bastards Asses!!! That how you support troops. If you were to say that in public today, some would say, " that's so mean", or something to that effect. I say it anyways. And when someone tells me I am being mean, I simply smile and say thank you.
The Anti-War movement which started in the 60's, has always been based on emotion and drugs. During the 60's the soviets were smart enough to recognize this and tried to use it to there advantage. After all, a military that will not fight, is not really a military. Lenin called Liberals, "Usefull Idiots". And he was right. You can use people's Emotions to control them, even fighting against your own country. The first interview I saw with Ms. Sheehan was on SoftBall ( HardBall ). When asked if she supported the invasion of Afghanistan after Sep. 11th she said that she did not understand why we needed to take down the Taliban government to get to the terrorist. That is when I knew she was totally un-informed. It was the most absurd thing I had ever heard in my entire life. That's like saying we didn't need to mess with Hitler because Japan attacked us. No the facts before you open your mouth, or you may find your foot in it.
No matter what you say, You can not support the troops, and say that we are over there to steal oil. It is a total contradiction. Besides, if we wanted oil, we would have invaded Venezuela. And how can any American not support Democracy for the Iraqi people ? We are the benefit from freedom everyday of our lifes. And it was difficult for us to obtain freedom in this country. We did not just claim independence, we fought for it. Blood, has always been the price of freedom throughout time. The day that we are not willing to fight for it, it may be lost forever.
John Oliver Benton III


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