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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Air America Radio is stuck in the ratings cellar

Air America has troubles with everyone. First with Lizz Winstead, co-creator of Comedy Central's "Daily Show," who is suing for back pay. Next with this loan from the Boys and Girls club. And now it seem as if there still in the cellar ratings wise. Why?? Well IM going to talk from personal experience here.
I listen to Sirius all day. Regular radio in Myrtle Beach is not pretty. All the big stations around here are owned by NEXT MEDIA. They play the same song over and over for three months. Well, anyways , since March I have listened some to Air America, and Sirius Left 143. Channels 141 and 142 are conservative and 140 plays Hannity. On Air America the shows are rather dull and not very entertaining. At least 143 has Lynn Samuels.... Now she may be crazy but she is funny. The Air America crowd always sound as if there living in the last days. Lynn does this also, but she got a sense of humor. These guys on AA are not even trying to get the liberal message out. What they do is complain all day, but offer no ideas for the future. Nor do there guest.
In July, Air America started there exclusive contract with XM Radio, and I still get the same thing on the other liberal channel. Same rhetoric, same retorts, the same old rants.
They won't hold the attention of the public until they get some entertainment value in their shows. Or at least a sense of humor. I once thought Al Franken was funny. Now I know he is not. The bits on his show are horrible. I can't even giggle at them.
For now Air America is gone on Sirius, and I am no longer sending any money or ratings there way. Besides that, NFL is with Sirius so I would have gone with anyone whom had them. If you drive a lot, I strongly recommend getting satellite radio. If you do, you will never go back to FM.
John Oliver Benton III


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