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Thursday, August 25, 2005


This imbecilic act by these left wing fringe idiots actually protesting outside Walter Reed Medical Center where wounded soldiers are recuperating from the sacrifice that they made for this nation is one of the most disgusting moments in United States history. Where is the media ? They are running all over Crawford, Texas kissing Cindy Sheehan's back side and not even taking note of the insult to our military hero's taking place at Walter Reed! Not only are these brave soldiers suffering from their own wounds but many have lost comrades in the war which can leave feeling of survivors guilt and then have to be tormented by chanting like, "George Bush kills American soldiers." Flag draped coffins line the sidewalks as many of these soldiers fight for their lives! Yet the soldiers despite their wounds have been seen giving these morons the one finger salute. Signs like, "maimed for lies," and "enlist hear tio die for Haliburton," have also been carried by these shameless, heartless sixties rejects! Many of the groups that are backing this disgrace are the same groups that are exploiting the memory of Sheehan's son in Crawford ! These people, (if that's what you call them), have a Constitutional right to protest, but the Founding Fathers meant for that right to not infringe on the rights of others. Each soldier has more than earned the right to heal in peace. There are appropriate places for this protest to take place and a military hospital is NOT that place! Yet the leftist media remains quiet. I never want to hear the left mouth support for our brave men and women when their every word and action is a stab in the back of and an insult to the heroic service that our military personnel perform each and every day!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Doc said...

You realize of course that most of your facts come from adjectives. Calling people names is really rather sad; the last weapon in political battle, which I don't even hear seven-year-olds doing anymore. You make this out to be a Vietnam war era "baby killers" campaign, but notice the signs that you yourself sited, such as George Bush Kills American Soldiers. These don't really seem to be attacking American soldiers, as the subject is Bush. If you are going to write a biased article, at least use sources that help your argument.

8:53 AM, February 28, 2008  
Blogger Free Range Steve said...

Well said, Doc. Ummm... "Enlist here tio die for Halliburton." Tio? Might be nice to run spellcheck once in a while, too. Since CNC News got it right.

By the way, your "source" for the story, CNC News? Here's little information about the founder (from Wikipedia):

Media Transparency describes L. Brent Bozell III as "a zealot of impeccable right-wing pedigree. He is the nephew of columnist William F. Buckley and the son of L. Brent Bozell, Jr., who assisted Barry Goldwater with the writing of Conscience of a Conservative. He was the chief fund-raiser behind Pat Buchanan's unsuccessful bid for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1992."

Hmmmm. No bias there, eh?

6:35 PM, March 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking as a former United States Marine I would like to say a few things about this whole mess. First of all, reguardless of who reports on the issue and the adjectives they use, the fact is that it happened. I have stood as part of funeral duties for Marines who came back from Iraq and I will tell you all something. Looking at a flag-drapped coffin is something that no one....I repeat NO ONE should have to see. It was a honor for those men to serve their country and the very thought that a flag-drapped coffin would be used as a protest method makes me sick to my stomache.
"George Bush Kills American Soldiers" is one thing, but flags and coffins are another. And another thing. A lot of people out there need to realize that its not one man who runs this country but an entire administration.
Finally I would like to say that most of America, or at least those I talk to, don't seem to really understand those of us who wear the uniform. Last group of Marines I talked to wanted nothing else then to get into Iraq and see some combat. They really were men after my own heart! Anyone who enlists into the military and thinks that they can float through without ever having to see combat joined for all the wrong reasons and should never have been allowed to wear that uniform. The military is for fighting ladies and gentlemen, and the sooner you get the idea that most of those men and women WANT to be there through your heads, the better off this country will be.
A last word or two for Free Range Steve. It's really amusing to watch someone try and use Wikipedia as a valid source for anything. I can post just about anything I want in Wikipedia and does that make it right?
Finally I want to shout out to all my Devil-Dogs out there! Ooh-Rah and Semper Fi!

2:14 AM, April 11, 2008  
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