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Thursday, August 11, 2005


As I have listened to this story concerning the Al Qaeda cell in New York lead by Mohammed Atta the infamous leader of the 9/11 murderers and the fact that this cell was discovered as early as 1999 and in the fall of 2000 requests were made to the Clinton administration to give the information to the FBI in order to take down the cell, there are several questions that I believe demand to be answered. The news media have chosen to investigate the Pentagon connection since, "Able Danger," was a military intelligence unit. I listened to several interviews with Representative Curt Weldon (R) Pa. who has released this information and the brakes that were applied that stopped the information from reaching the FBI did not come from the Pentagon but from The White House under Clinton. Which implies that 9/11 could have been prevented ONE YEAR before it happened! The two reasons given by The White House at the time were; the cell members were in the country legally and that the administration was afraid of the political fall out from the Waco/Branch Davidian debacle. So, three major questions arise, one, how much did Clinton know and was his interest in creating a, "legacy, " placed before the safety of the nation. Second, were the papers that Clinton national security advisor Sandy, "Burglar" took from the National Archives related to this intelligence information and the administrations response, or lack thereof ! Third, why was Jamie Gorelick, the assistant Attorney General under Clinton allowed to serve on the 9/11 Commission instead of testify considering that SHE wrote the memo creating this, "wall" which prevented agencies from sharing intelligence information! For the last few years and to a great extent the since the 9/11 Commission report, "blame" for 9/11 has been directed toward the Bush administration, when clearly vital information was ignored even before Bush was elected and after the transition of the Presidency this information was never passed on to the new administration in 2001. There has always been an under current to place, "blame" for the attacks. Certainly ultimate blame truly lies with the Islamic extremist who planned and executed the cowardly murder of our friends and families on September 11, but for those who are seeking responsibility within our own government, it would seem that the culprit has been found and it PRECEDED President Bush!

Ken Taylor


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