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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Yesterday in a post concerning the declaring of a state of emergency in New Mexico and Arizona, I mentioned that I have given a great deal of thought to the drastic problem of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border and also the threat that this vulnerable border poses to the drug trafficking and the entrance into the States of terrorists and their tools of destruction. Last Sunday I was listening so a left coast conservative radio show, (surprised that one exists out there) and the show interviewed a retired Lt. Colonel in the Marines who suggested that we allow illegals to join the military . This I totally disagree with for it causes tremendous problems especially since he did not want to require that they learn English! After thinking on this for quite some time I came up within idea that I am fowarding to the President, Secretary Rumsfeld, and the Homeland Security committee Chairs in both the House and the Senate. I would be very interested in your opinion of this idea. So please feel free to comment. Below is the letter that I will be sending.


Our Constitution provides for the protection of our borders by the Federal government and all National Security interests. Yet the border with Mexico is the most vulnerable National Security risk that this nation faces. Daily thousands flood this border illegally entering our country leaving us at risk to drug traffickers, terrorists and the tools they use for destruction. Not to mention the illegal immigration that is tearing at the heart of our society. I would like to take this opportunity to present to you a plan that I believe will curtail the border problem while at the same time help to control the illegals that are currently in this country. Initiate a recruiting program for illegals in the United States Army, initially the addition of one full Corps. There are thousand of illegals who would seek citizenship and would like to serve this nation so these ranks should fill quickly. The program will have the following goals.

1. Upon enlistment the illegals will serve a 4 year hitch and will be required to learn English within the first year of enlistment. If not they will be dishonorably discharged and deported. Upon completion of the 4 years, citizenship will be granted and they will have the option of honorable discharge or re-enlistment in the conventional Army

2. The corps of illegals will not serve in the conventional military but will serve as a border patrol. They will not be allowed to climb above the rank of sgt. The Commanding Officers throughout the ranks will be American citizens currently serving in the military. To control the possibility of the illegals allowing others over the border or possible smuggling operations within the ranks full military discipline and justice will be applied with the above being a Courts Martial offense and imprisonment and deportation as the punishment.

3. For those that choose to re-enlist all ranks and privileges will be available at that time. For those who choose not to an honorable military discharge , citizenship and speaking English will vastly improve their status in this country. The same tutorial programs that will be available for the soldiers can be made available for their immediate family. But if so then the same criteria for deportation should apply.

This program can be expanded to additional corps for the northern border and increased for the southern border as need demands. For those that the patrol capture, then arrest and deportation will apply unless it is proven that they are not of a criminal or terrorist elimate and then they must follow the proper channels for legal immigrant status!

Funds for this program can come from savings with current base closings, homeland security monies currently being spent on border patrols and the existing Pentagon budget. This will also provide for a larger military in the future to meet the needs that we require to protect this nation.

I hope that this idea and its feasibility is useful to our nation. Our borders demand action and I believe that military intervention is the only answer. This provides for both!

Ken Taylor


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