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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Yesterday and throughout the day today the Democrats have been attempting to portray the 4% victory by Republican Jean Schmit over Democrat Paul Hackett in the Ohio second district as a, "sign" of things to come for the Republicans both in Ohio and the nation! This has traditionally been a Republican seat and there has not been a close race for this seat since 1974. Yet the one thing that much of the media and the Democrats are forgetting to talk about in this, "close" race are many of the facts surrounding the race, we'll call these facts the, "The Hackett Hack Job." In a post yesterday John linked and commented on a USA Today article in which Hackett had some rather pitiful things to say about his former Commander in Chief, (refer to John's article below this post). Yet throughout the campaign in Ohio, "The Hackett Hack Job" was just the opposite. If you look at his campaign ads you would think that he was a war hero who backed the President 100% ! He tells of his combat experience in Falujah, Iraq but fails to mention that he actually was basically a staff public relations officer who never saw combat, kind of, "Kerry-ish" of him isn't it ? "The Hackett Hack Job" actually made it seem to the voters in Ohio as if TWO Republicans were running and not both parties. Once again this proves that the Democrats cannot win elections on the merit of their REAL beliefs and agenda because the people won't buy it. "The Hackett Hack Job" was very Hillary-ish in that manner ie: "tell 'em what they want not what you believe, " in order to get elected. The core truth of the story about this election was not that the Dems ran a close race as a sign of things to come, but rather that even in spite of the deception, the people don't want Democrats. This doesn't mean that the Republicans sit back on their laurels, not in the least. This is the time to re-emphasize our message and bring it home to the people showing the libs for who they are. Using the Roberts confirmation hearings, for example, as a platform to tell of the Republican mantra which stands on Constitutional principles and that the Judiciary is not a place for activism but to take those same principles and strictly apply them to law, not create law through a loose, "interpretation" or ignoring the constitution completely. As for the future of elections....look for more libs to take the Hackett and Hidabeast example and try to deceive their way into office. It hasn't worked before, it didn't work yesterday and, "We The People, " are too smart for it to work in the future!

Ken Taylor


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