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Saturday, August 13, 2005


The British government has cracked down on the Islamic extremist in the country since the July 7 attacks and is in the process of deporting, "preachers of hate" in order to attempt to control this murderous eliminate in England, much like what happened here shortly after 9/11. Unfortunately as happened in the United States the , "Human Rights" organizations are fighting FOR these murderers and defending their rights to preach and kill. When will these radical left wing groups realize, that their rear ends are being targeted also and what about the, "human rights, " of those that have had their life extinguished by these Islamic killers ? In New York these liberal groups are suing to prevent searches as people board public transportation. Racial profiling is not a , "crime, " against humanity when it is well known that in every terrorist attack both here and in Britain the culprits have been Islamic extremists. So it seems obvious that they must be watched for. The second problem that is surfacing is that airline screening is beginning to get slack. There are reports in the news that certain items are going to be allowed on planes again. Need we be reminded that the 9/11 murderers used a simple box cutter! My sister in law just last week boarded TWO separate flights with a cork screw in her purse that she forgot was there! Another attack in the United States in most likely inevitable but loosening security and giving into these Human Right activists will do nothing but help to insure that what is being call inevitable will become reality and the investigation during the after math will most certainly reveal that slack security and the LACK of profiling were contributing factors!

Ken Taylor


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