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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As I have watched the devastation left behind on the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Katrina my mind is numbed by what I see. Laying politics aside for the time being we at the Liberal Lie would like to take a moment to remember the survivors and the families who have lost loved ones in this killer storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and with the thousands who have lost everything. While viewing the scenes from the coast it is hard to imagine how this vital area of our country will ever recover from such devastation, but the American people and the great hero's who will provide rescue and survival assistance throughout the states along the coast will prevail and life will once again eventually return to normal. Yes, there will be scars and the loss will always be felt but healing will come and the indomitable American spirit that always overcomes great adversity will shine even through the dark days that are ahead as the gulf coast rebuilds. And rebuild they will. As the Phoenix rose from the ashes the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama will rise from the rubble and floods left by Katrina. Great acts of heroism have already begun to shine and will continue to shine throughout the recovery. Neighbors are helping one another as they share the pain left by the storm. Strangers become friends through the binding strength of such adversity with friendships that will last even when this becomes a distant memory. The Big Easy will thrive again. The resorts of Mississippi will be packed with tourists again. The Alabama shores will be full of sunbathers again. Where sadness and heartache now exist smiles will once again shine as the gloom of this tragedy is overcome. The shock and dismay will be replaced by a determination that cries out, "we will not be beaten!" The nation now rallies by our fellow Americans. Brothers and sisters of this great land who are now suffering , "we the people" stand with you! God bless the survivors of Hurricane Katrina!

Ken Taylor


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