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Friday, August 05, 2005

Has any one ever searched Google News for ACLU stories

I just got on to Google News and searched for ACLU. Here is a taste of what these guys are up to lately. The ACLU is suing Michigan for not allowing minors to refuse an alcohol test. They want a search warrant first. Next They are watching the Minuteman Project. And also, trying to take the Bible out of the court oath in Bilings.
Nevermind terrorist. Drugs being sold to children, or any of that senseless stuff. Who are these people in the ACLU? They act as if they have an agenda against me personally. I never did anything to them. So why are they after everything we hold sacred in our nation?
The more I read about them, the more I get sick. So I have a new term to describe the ACLU, and their buddies on the left, Political Terrorist. It just rolls of the tongue.
John Oliver Benton III


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