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Friday, September 30, 2011


Barack Obama has now sought to follow the example of Jimmy Carter again and blame the American people for the trouble that has come upon The United States caused by his policy and agenda. The blame Bush strategy has not worked since most Americans realize that the problems we face economically, on the foreign front and high unemployment is not the fault of the former administration but the current occupant of The White House.

Since that strategy has failed Obama, who blames anyone but himself for the problem HE has brought, now stoops the lowest of lows as he blames America and Americans for what he has wrought. Here is the clip of shame on him and blame on us.

In 1979 when Jimmy Carter presided over a terrible economy brought on by bad Carter policy, a weak foreign policy that damaged America around the world, high unemployment and massive inflation the weak Carter delivered what has become known as,"The Malaise Speech," when Carter blamed the problems he had brought on our country on the American people stating that we had a ,"crisis of confidence," Here is that speech, notice similarities with the weakness and blame anyone but me strategy to that of Obama.

Jimmy Carter was a weak and failed President whose like our country had never seen and hoped would never see again. Now we have Barack Obama who makes Carter seem like a genius in comparison. The problems our country has fall not on the backs of the American people as Carter and now Obama sought to blame but on weak and aimless leadership from Presidents whose policy and agenda brought decline and disaster to our country.

It is ridiculous and stupid for any President to blame Americans for his failure. Obama takes responsibility for nothing. Everything is someonea fault not his and now according to the child in The White House the American people have grown soft and it is our fault for Americas problems. Well I guess to a point he is right, it is the fault of many American who elected this jackass to office but even they are waking up to their mistake. But Americans are not soft nor are we failures Mr. Obama and just like Carter before you we see YOU as the cause of Americas problem and just like Carter before you we will remove the virus in The White House and get America back on track by eliminating the real cause of our trouble.......YOU!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

When is Obama not constantly whining or complaining or trying to blame someone else for his own failure to lead?

1:22 PM, October 02, 2011  
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