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Sunday, September 04, 2011


The tenth anniversary of the unprovoked and cowardly attack against our country by Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001 is upon us. Much has happened since that sunny and terrible Tuesday morning ten years ago some for good but much that has taken us in the wrong direction. Our country and our very lives were changed by the attacks yet the events that took place that day and the days after show a marked difference in America then and now.

Soon after the attacks the resolve of our Nation as expressed by the President were shown as Bush spoke to workers at Ground Zero through a megaphone when he stated without hesitation that those who did this, referring to the collapsed World Trade Center, would soon be hearing from all of us. We were intent on seeking justice for the thousands whose lives were cut short by the cowardly Al Qaeda killers who flew planes into the Towers, the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

We were told that those who flew the planes were Islamic extremists belonging to a group known as Al Qaeda and they were solely responsible for the attacks. Today nearly ten year after that terrible day we have a President who by personal order issued talking points for the tenth anniversary to his staff and ordered them to minimize ANY reference to Al Qaeda so as not to offend the Muslim world so close after Ramadan.

No political correctness can change the facts surrounding WHO killed thousands of innocent people and caused so much havoc and destruction. Islamic extremists hell bent on the destruction of American cowardly hijacked commercial airliners using them as weapons and killed citizens of our country and many countries around the world in the worst terrorist attack in history.

Nearly seventy years after another unprovoked attack against America on December 7, 1941 whenever any reference is made on the attack at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese are always mentioned even though they are now an ally of our country. The attacks were undertaken by Japanese and nothing changes those facts. The attacks on September 11 were undertaken by Islamic extremists who are STILL our enemy but the child in The White House does not want to offend that enemy so their name is to be minimized if mentioned at all.

In the days, weeks and months that followed the attacks Americans of all walks of life were united in resolve and patriotism. Flag waving and chants of USA were common place. Our leaders had no qualms about saying God bless America and expressing the greatness of our country and leading the patriotic fervor. Being proud of our country and waving our flag was the thing to do as it should always be.

Today nearly ten years later the Nations leadership especially the occupant of the Oval Office deem is necessary to apologize for American greatness and tell the world that evils that exist are due largely to the arrogance of America. Waving the flag in not part of the Obama agenda. In fact many times when this President makes public appearances or holds press conferences even in The White House, Old Glory is nowhere to be seen. Being proud of America is politically incorrect for this President and he expects the country to follow his example as many of his political persuasion do.

In the aftermath of the shock of September 11, 2001 our national belief in God and the power and comforting solace of prayer sustained our Nation through the trial, pain and hardship of loss. Memorial services were surrounded with prayer and worship as Americans grieved and sought healing from the devastation and confusion.

Now on the tenth anniversary a National Memorial will officially open at the sight of The World Trade Center. A beautiful remembrance has been constructed using the original foot prints of the Twin Towers with the names of every soul lost in each building forever preserved in bronze surrounding the foot print and looking over waterfalls cascading down into those foot prints into a reflection pond of memorial.

Yet as this remembrance is dedicated to those whose lives were stolen by evil, it has been decreed that prayers of any type will not be uttered so as not to offend anyone. The very sustenance of prayer and belief in God which kept our National sanity after the shock of 9/11 is forbidden during its tenth remembrance to satisfy political correctness run amok.

Where is the country that resolved to bring justice to those who perished on that sad and terrible day? Where is the leadership that consoled a Nation through prayer and national unity and pride? Where is the justification for the radical change that uses political correctness and rejects the best traditions of American life and liberty to satisfy a few who have no respect for America and hate everything she stands for?

Is this the America of the future? Or are we the Nation who rose from the ashes of 9/11 and through pride in our country, faith in God and unity of mind and spirit survived the attacks and fought to preserve freedom seeking those who killed our fellow countrymen and women. I believe the later is true but until we remove the leadership that is ruining our Nation our children will never know the true America and the world will never see the strength that was shown ten years ago when we were attacked and rose above the fray to rebuild and find a new birth from the ashes of 9/11. This if nothing else demands a change on November 6, 2012 to restore America and the Constitutional principles that made our Nation great!

Ken Taylor


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