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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


In what is considered a major referendum on Barack Obama and especially his policy on Israel the Democrat House seat vacated by Anthony Weiner over a scandal involving explicit pictures sent on Twitter, Republican business man Bob Turner has defeated the Democrat in New York House District 9. This is a District that has a 75% Democrat base and has been held by Democrats since 1923.

The victory was not even close as many predicted before the election. Turner garnered 54% of the vote to 46% for the Democrat New York State Assemblyman David Weprin. Turner received additional help in the victory as former New York City Mayor and Democrat Ed Koch endorsed Turner rather than the Democrat. Koch has endorsed Republicans before as he did in the 2004 Presidential election when he backed President Bush.

The Weiner factor played in the defeat of the Democrat in this usually safe Democrat seat. But one of the major factors that played and is a direct referendum on Barack Obama and his policy is the 40% Jewish population in the District. Obama has angered many in the Jewish community as he has virtually abandoned Americas strongest ally in his attempt to appease the Palestinians and force a Palestinian State.

In 2008 the 9th District voted 56% for Obama in the Presidential election but besides the Obama policy against Israel this predominately white worker class District has abandoned Obama because of his dismal handling of the economy which has hit the District hard and voters expressed their anger by booting Democrats out and electing the GOP candidate.

The DNC and The White House have already begun to spin this loss as meaningless in its obvious sign of things to come for 2012. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz said the District is very hard for Democrats to hold. I guess she forgets the 88 year run with Democrats easily holding District 9 and soundly defeating Republican challengers during those years.

Others in the Democrat Party are seeing the hand writing on the wall and understand this loss in New York and a blow out landslide for the GOP in Nevada in another special election held the same day is a sure sign of things to come as Americans are tired of Obama policy and as a result the party he leads as its top office holder. Obama's failure as President is taking Democrats down with him and his continual lack of connection with America is proving to be a sign of a major landslide defeat for Obama and Democrats in 2012.

Ken Taylor


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