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Sunday, September 18, 2011


September 17, 1787 The United States Constitution was signed and presented for ratification to the States and the American people. Our Constitution does not favor any political ideology or party. It does not dictate how the people of The United States live or function as citizens. The Constitution outlines the limitations of government with specific functions that are applicable to each of the three Branches created for our Republic by the Constitution.

But more importantly by those government limitations and the Bill of Rights, The Constitution insures by law the liberties of each American and by law prevents government from trampling on our God given rights as Americans and citizens of the greatest country to ever exist on the face of the Earth. The Constitution is not a document whose time has past nor which applies only to cultural situations at the time of its writing but whose intent and law is as applicable and viable today as it was when first ratified and made law more than 200 years ago.

Some claim the Constitution is a, "living, breathing document," that changes in its interpretation as society changes and whose intent and principles apply in accordance to those societal changes. That is NOT what our Constitution is. It is a, "living, breathing document," only in the fact that the strict laws, limitations to government and rights fouud within it are as viable and true today without acception.

The Framers created within The Constitution an exhaustive and extremely consuming process to change or amend this founding principle of American government purposefully so that it COULD NOT be changed with the whims of a Congress or the changes of society to insure that the principles found within the Constitution would endure for the protection of the people and to keep the people as the one and only true authority over government in the Republic created by our Founders.

Those who twist the intent of the Constitution or use a liberal interpretation which reads into it anything other than the strict and true meaning of each of the Articles and Bill of Rights as it is written is guilty of violating not only the principles of this framing document but the true intent for governing that the Framers wanted when presenting the Constitution as the foundation of our Republic.

Barack Obama in an interview attempting to defend his view of wealth redistribution, called the Constitution flawed in that it only expressed what government, "could not do," and not what it, "must do on behalf of the people." This type of interpretation of the Constitution proves a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and the purpose of the Founders who created our Republic.

The Constitution intentionally expresses what the government cannot do since the key founding principle IS that government is limited and by law cannot interfere in the lives of the people. The Framers did not state what the government, "must do on behalf of the people," because they never intended for the government, "to do," for the people but for the people to have the freedom FROM government to do for themselves without government being in the way.

Those that use the Constitution as a means to twist its true intent to push a certain ideology or ignore the Constitution in order to expand government in order to seek any type of control of the people through government violate the laws found within the Constitution and destroy what The United States is and steal the very freedom the Constitution sought to protect.

The phrase which begins The Constitution," We the people," is not just a poetic reference or grand sounding words but the real and true definition of just what our country is and how the Founders intended the Constitution to be applied in a free Republic. The people are the only authority and everything done in our government is by consent of the people for the betterment of all the people.

Government does not dictate to the people how they are to live but the people tell the government what it is to do and the government exists only as a servant to the people. That includes those who are employed and elected to that government. By strict Constitutional law they do not rule over us be we the people rule over them. This is the true real foundation of our country and it is what those who are in government have neglected and lost.

It is also why we are fighting as Americans against a government that has ignored the Constitution and become tyrannical in its function and overbearing in its scope violating the Constitution while claiming to act in its name. This has become the great lie of American government and those who work in elected office. Few and I mean very few understand Constitutional principles and how a free Republic works and as such have exploded a government our Founders would not recognize nor ever intended for this Nation.

As we celebrate another anniversary of this greatest of man written documents let us pledge as true Americans to continue the fight to restore real and strict Constitutional principles to our Republic. Exercising our authority as a free people to force our government by our voice and our vote to adhere to the principles of freedom found within our Constitution. Electing those who will stand with the Constitution and govern ONLY by its principles and if they fail then replace them with those who will. We have the power to restore our Republic to what it was intended but it will take each of us active and fighting for that restoration and for our Constitution.

Ken Taylor


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