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Thursday, September 08, 2011


In a Republican debate with ridiculous moderators from NBC and Poltico, Newt Gingrich once again not only had the shining moment but came across as the most informed and intelligent candidate in the field. Before the debates began I posted that Newts participation in the debates would force the other candidates to take their game to a higher level and Newt has not disappointed in this fact during any of the debates to date.

With Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as the perceived front runners the former and current governors fielded more questions but when Newt spoke the audience responded and even those on the stage applauded everything he said. The debate as a whole was lackluster in its content as the moderators spent more time looking for gotcha moments and trying to pit Romney against Perry or using Ron Paul as bait to get a reaction from Perry since both he and Paul are from Texas and Paul has been critical of Perry.

One could almost feel sorry for Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman who were thrown questions almost as an after thought as the two lame moderators, NBC's Brian Williams and Politos John Harris, made it obvious there intent was to create conflict between Perry and Romney while giving a cordial recognition to the other candidates.

Ron Paul was used quite often as bait for Perry and the only reason Newt stood out was not because the moderators were giving him the floor in a momentary respite from Perry and Romney but because Newt took his opportunities and not only made the most of them but used his superior knowledge of the issues and made his point without taking any flak from the moderators and setting them straight in the process as the above video shows.

Perry was not impressive in his first debate appearance while Romney attempted to look like something he is not, a Tea Party conservative. Jon Huntsman when given the opportunity to speak only emphasised that he does not belong in this race and should bow out accordingly. Ron Paul as usual was all over the place an just needs to disappear. Herman Cain made several good points but again the moderators were obviously zeroing in on Perry and Romney so Cain had little opportunity to share is strong conservative ideas.

Michelle Bachman who shined during the Iowa debate has since dropped in the polls and was treated like a second tier candidate by the moderators and like Cain had little opportunity to stand out in the crowd. The same went for Rick Santorum who though a staunch conservative needs to bow out gracefully as his support is waining at best.

There are several more GOP debates scheduled this month with more down the line as the Primary Season approaches and begins soon after the first of the year. Debates provide an excellent opportunity for candidates to take their message to the people in a strong public forum. But when moderators are as biased and condescending as both Williams and Harris were in this debate, the forum becomes a travesty and rather than discussing the issues as should be the case the moderators become the debate and the candidates are forced to scold them as Newt did once again.

Ken Taylor


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