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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


In advance of the jobs speech before Congress on Thursday night some of the details are beginning to leak out as to the direction Obama is taking for, "creating," jobs. We have already heard by way of his Labor Day speech in Detroit that his attitude is to the GOP, "if you don't buy my plan you're putting party before country." So we already know the speech will be partisan and the campaign he does after the speech will be slamming the GOP for not bowing down to his arrogant demands.

That said, once again Obama sees the only way to get the job market moving is to again expand government, throw more tax payer money into the mix and use non-existent infrastructure jobs as his means of saying he created jobs. The same approach he used with the failed stimulus, (a word by the way by order of Nancy Pelosi no longer being used in liberal circles), that by his own admission did not have jobs that were as, "shovel ready," as he thought.

But in true Obama form if its failed once, twice three or more times then its worth trying again especially if it means he can spend more tax payer/borrowed money in doing so. This time he is only spending a pittance, just $300 BILLION dollars as compared to the $1.2 trillion in the original failed stimulus package. With calls by many in his party and liberal pundits for Obama to again spend in the trillions, I am sure that spending ONLY $300 billion will be what he considers a compromise to the GOP and as such they should bow to his wishes or face being called partisan and unamerican.

It is obvious that the child in The White House and those in his party do not nor ever will realize tha government NEVER creates a job nor throwing more money after bad money spent succeeds in doing anything except increasing an already unsustainable debt and growing mounting deficits. Private sector business creates jobs and since taking office Obama has done nothing but taken away all incentive for private business to hire thus keeping unemployment high and the job market dead.

The business community understand that a burdensome government gets in the way with the creation of jobs through private business. Especially when all they hear from The White House are calls to increase taxation and Executive Orders that place burdensome regulations upon business. It is no wonder business is not hiring and the August jobs report was ZERO in new jobs created.

CEO's across the country are calling for Obama to get government out of the way and let private business do what it does best, create jobs and hire Americans putting them back to work and increasing the job force which is the ONLY way unemployment will decrease. Obama as usual turns a deaf ear to private business as he believes ONLY government can create jobs and throwing more money around is the way to do it.

So as expected Thursdays speech will offer more of the same, unemployment will remain high, jobs will continue to be stagnant, the economy will not improve and the DOW will fall sharply once again as it always does whenever Obama opens his mouth for another in a long line of speeches that say nothing and do even less.

Ken Taylor


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