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Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Barack Obama took the Labor Day Holiday and made a trip to Detroit, Michigan to speak to a partisan group of Union members led by Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa took the opportunity to declare war on Republicans calling them SOB's as he introduced Obama to the crowd. As of this writing Obama had no response to this vial rhetoric other than his expressing his pride in Hoffa during the speech.

As Obama spoke he too took aim at the GOP saying Republicans needed to put country before party by voting for creating jobs. Anyone who has any sense at all understands that this speech, Obama's preview of his much touted jobs speech before Congress on Thursday, was nothing more than a campaign stump speech before a partisan crowd.

If this is a preview of Thursday, which most belief it is, his plan is to blame Republicans and do nothing more than he has already done which is spend money and use infrastructure as his avenue to, "create," jobs which has not only failed in the past but has no chance of creating jobs for the future. In fact Obama has stated that even he realized that the infrastructure jobs weren't as, "shovel ready," as he thought they were. Yet it seems this is the center piece of his plan again.

Obama stands also as a hypocrite when it comes to political rhetoric and civility. Not only did Hoffa in his introduction of Obama before the partisan speech made on Labor Day call Republicans SOB's but in another speech during the holiday VP Joe Biden before another Union crowd referred to the GOP as barbarians. Yet again still no condemnation from The White House on the rhetoric. Had this been a Republican making either one of these statements the condemnation would have been immediate and harsh

South Carolina's Senator Jim DeMint in an interview during a GOP Presidential candidate forum held on Labor Day in Columbia, SC stated that he planned to be absent on Thursday for Obama's speech. DeMint stated that the American people don't need another speech but a real plan for jobs and Obama has no plan. His frustration was evident as he told it like it is.

Barack Obama as usual blames everyone for the problems that he is responsible for and sees government as the only answer to everything. Government has never created a job. Job creation comes from the private sector and the August jobs report which showed ZERO new jobs tells the story of Obama policy toward business. During the month of August business listened to Obama call for increased business taxation and saw Executive Orders that regulated business even further which takes away ANY incentive for business to hire new labor.

Obama is a job killer and his,"new," plan seems to indicate that more of the same is in store and the blame game which Americans are tired of hearing is a center piece of his plan. Obama whines that the GOP must put country before party, yet Obama has placed ideology and party before country and the American people everyday he has held office and will continue to until we the people make sure he can no longer do so by booting his tail out of office in November 2012.

Ken Taylor


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