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Friday, September 09, 2011


"You need to pass this bill." That was the catch phrase used constantly during the 32 minutes that I actually stomached with great displeasure watching Barack Obama deliver his, "jobs speech." I was also eating spaghetti at the time and yes it ruined my meal. I should have known better than to eat and listen to him at the same time. A stomach ache and indigestion followed and the food had NOTHING to do with it!

The speech was extremely vague with a promise that in a week he would send specifics to Congress but still his mantra throughout the speech was, " you need to pass this bill," claiming that it had ideas that everyone wanted and no one could possibly reject yet he offered NOTHING for anyone to actually read or find out what this bill truly contains.

The so called tax savings he touted as if something new and something for small business to grasp on as a means of hiring new employees and expanding are nothing more than extensions of already existing tax credits which haven't spurred business yet and are not likely to even when extended.

He bragged about new infrastructure spending which has by his own admission failed in the past so why does he think it will create jobs now and in the near future? But remember, " you need to pass this bill." That was repeated over and over again as a means of trying to belittle the Congress especially Congressional Republicans into buying into his program under pressure without knowing ANY of the specifics.

At one point he even claimed the American people were overwhelmingly on his side yet every poll is showing that not only are we NOT on his side but even his base is moving away from him. Most polling show that at least 60% of the country is NOT on his side so how he can claim that the American people support his ideas is beyond any reasonable comprehension.

Then he made his usual pitch about taxing the evil rich and corporations while immediately stating that this was not redistribution or class warfare. Does he really think the American people are that dumb to not recognize wealth redistribution and class warfare when we hear it?

Additionally by definition he considers anyone making least $200 K a year as rich. He claims his plan will help small business yet the majority of small business owners do not file taxes separately and include it under their personal tax filing. So those, "evil rich," who are in the range of $200 K and above are actually small business owners who he is demanding be taxed more to, "pay their fair share." So much for incentive to expand business and hire new employees.

The speech was filled with vague ideas, the usual class warfare rhetoric and expansion of government to solve a problem. At the time of this posting the DOW is down by more than 300 points. As usual Obama speaks and the DOW drops. In fact any Obama speech is almost a guarantee of a 400 plus point loss on the DOW. So business does not believe in or buy into his rhetoric and this plan and speech is no different. More of the same do nothing, blame the rich, slam the GOP and punish business and the American people in order to explode government. THAT is Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Tom's Place said...

Obummer only wants to do the thing that politician's do best - spend money without a plan...


5:13 PM, September 09, 2011  
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