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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Americans can do one thing almost better than anyone else in the world. We can complain and belly ache about what is happening in our country at the hands of our government and those WE have voted into office, but when the rubber hits the road, only a few actually stand up to do something about it. This is NOT the American way nor the lesson given to us by our Founders.

Some see the word, "activist," as a catch phrase for the left bringing back scenes of the protests and the peace movement of the sixties which for the most part consisted of those opposed to Vietnam and the hippie generation, many of which have grown into the left wing that we know today. These were called activists and yes it is true they were that but it does not take away what that word means to all Americans.

Being an activist is in the greatest tradition of our country and especially following in the footsteps of our Founders. Being an activist does not mean one is a left wing radical in the mode of the hippies of the sixties. Nor does it mean one is a right wing fanatic as the left calls many conservatives. Being an activist is what our country was founded upon and how our Founders made it possible for the birth of our Nation.

Had our Founders not been political activists we would not be a country today. It was their political activism that caused them to rise up against the tyranny of King George and fix their names to The Declaration of Independence. It was their political activism that caused them to take up arms to fight for their freedom and give birth to a new Nation where all people regardless of back ground, fortune or prosperity had the same opportunity to achieve as his neighbor living in the God given liberty that man was was intended to have.

While out fight today is not one of arms and armies as it was when it took a Revolution of blood to gain our freedom our cause is just a serious and just an necessary for that freedom as it was when Washington took to the field as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. As they were activists then we must be activists now.

In fact it is our Constitutional responsibility to be an activists. The Framers of The Constitution who understood the necessity of political activism by the people in order to hold a government accountable, created in our founding document as one of our first rights the ability by law to be an activist when we disagree with our government and those who hold office in that government. The First Amendment contains within it this clause at the end of the Amendment, "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Being an activist when we disagree with out government and those within that government is not just a personal belief but a Constitutional responsibility as a citizen. It is by the will of we the people that our government exists and those within that government find employment. And it is through the authority of we the people that those within our government are required to SERVE not dictate or use their position to decide for us how we should live or how we may prosper nor force through that government any dependency upon that same government.

The Tea Party movement embodies the best traditions of political activism in the greatest portrayal of that activism as applied by our Founders. A grassroots movement of the people to stand against a government that has become overbearing and leaders within that government who refuse to listen to the people. For this true Constitutional action of the people the Tea Party has been vilified called everything from racist to Nazi.

In that too the Tea Party as an activist group finds itself in line and in league with our Founders who were vilified not by just Great Britain but by many within the colonies and later the new found Nation whose independence was created by the Declaration. They too were called names and treated as second class citizens for taking a stand against an overbearing freedom robbing government. Yet the prevailed and created a free Nation.

It is not wrong nor ill mannered or racist to call a President who is taking our country down the wrong track a socialist and speak out and protest against what he is doing and his reasons for doing it. It is not wrong to come out against a Congressional leadership in BOTH parties that compromises our Constitutional principles and allows a debt to continue threatening our very existence as a Nation, all to play a political game and do it the Washington way.

These elitists in Washington do not own our government nor dictate who we are as a people nor what we are as a country. We the people of The United States control who we are and it is we the people who by our authority over those in Washington must and will take our country back from the elitists and restore sanity and responsibility in our government. It will mean we must get out of our comfort zone when we vote and not just reelect the person we have known for years because they have been there for years. In most voters minds every Congressman is terrible except their own.

It means that we clean house beginning at The White House and continuing through the Senate and House of Representatives. Conservatives, trey conservatives not politicians like Mitt Romney who claim to be conservatives in order to garner a vote, are what will be necessary to make this effort by the people to restore Constitutional principles in our government.

Barack Obama must go. Almost all of the Congressional leadership from Reid to yes, even John Boehner who has been a huge disappointment, must follow Obama into forced retirement at the hands of voters who are activists and willing to do what is necessary to get our country back. We proved we could do it in 2010 when we shook up Congress but did not go far enough to make the take over we need.

2012 is that defining moment in our history where either we the people regain complete control of our government by wiping the slate clean from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill or resign ourselves to being nothing more than a people who complain about our situation but are not willing to do what is necessary to resolve it. It is up to us!

Ken Taylor


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