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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I have been avoiding this since it first made headlines last week but now since it has become the dominant story I will take time to comment on what this imbecile has done and why he must go. First, this is not something that any Representative should be part of and as such he has no business continuing to be a Representative.

What people do in their private lives is no business of the people or the government but a United States Congressman just like any public official surrenders much of that private life to the scrutiny and review of the American people to which he/she has chosen to serve and be accountable to. This includes not only what they do in association with their job as a Representative but how they handle their life which because of their high public profile reflects on themselves, the American people and the country.

Anthony Weiner made his situation much worse by first coming out and claiming he had been hacked which in itself is an accusation of a federal offense and is magnified by the fact that he is a Congressman which adds national security implications to it. His lie about how the pictures were sent constituted the consideration of an FBI investigation because of his position in Congress and therefore makes his using his office as a means of perpetrating his lie a criminal offense which also should culminate in his resignation.

In February another New York Representative, (what is it about New York), Chris Lee was caught revealing his bare chest in pictures to women on Craigslist. On the very day the discovery was revealed Lee was approached by Speaker Boehner and tendered his resignation before the day was over. His offensive picture was not as bad as those by Weiner and he did not even attempt to deny it or use his office to hide it like Weiner. He just resigned which was the right and proper thing to do.

Anthony Weiner and the Democrat leadership in the House are obviously not taking the right and proper stand on this much worse offense. Weiner stated during his emotional forty minute press conference admitting his guilt and his offenses that he would not resign his office. Nancy Pelosi the Minority Leader has ONLY called for an ethics investigation and NOT his resignation as Boehner did with Chris Lee in February.

Weiner not only violated the ethics of the House and his position but in using his office to cover his actions and claiming that an illegal activity took place he has violated the law and must be held accountable. The very least that should take place is the immediate resignation of Weiner and an investigation into a possible indictment on his accusation of a crime and the use of his office to hide the truth. Either way Weiner MUST GO!

Ken Taylor


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