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Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am an unabashed, unapologetic, died in the wool, no holes barred, absolute and committed Constitutional conservative. I vote Republican because I cannot stomach for any reason voting Democrat as their ideology not only disagrees with me on all counts but sickens me as it seeks to destroy our Republic and enslave our citizens to a tyrannical overbearing government.

I believe in the Constitution as it is written with a strict interpretation of limited government, prosperity in accordance to our individual abilities that are formed from our God given freedom as established in the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights with a government that is Constitutionally prevented from hampering those freedoms by seeking control of our lives.

I have admittedly had to hold my nose to vote for Republicans in especially Presidential elections but the GOP ideology most closely matches my conservative values and I will not waste my vote by giving it to someone, namely a Democrat. But I will vote because I am also one who believes that votes are important enough that if one does not vote they do not have a voice in our Republic and you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to express my voice as I also believe that we as citizens have a Constitutional responsibility to be involved and activists just as our Founding Fathers were.

With all that said I now get to the meat of this post. I am fed up with listening to liberal commentators, moderate pundits and yes, even some so called conservative ones who keep claiming that a conservative cannot win the 2012 election for President. They claim that the GOP will have to find someone who is conservative enough to somewhat satisfy we who are conservative and willing to hold our nose to vote. Yet the nominee will also have to be socially and to a point fiscally moderate in order to gain the Independent vote and some more conservative Democrats.

To this line of thinking I say IT IS A LIE! Not only can a true conservative win but I will also predict that a true conservative will win in a landslide against Barack Obama. Poll after poll even those that are more left leaning show that we are a conservative country. Not just right of center like some like to say but CONSERVATIVE. The majority of our citizens regardless of background, ethnicity, financial means or family ties believe in the traditional conservative ideals and values that have been the foundation of our country since its birth.

There is a lie being perpetrated by the left wing media and moderates as well as country club Republicans that we can only beat Obama with a Mitt Romney or a Jon Huntsman who meet their idea of a candidate who will satisfy the masses and can go toe to toe with again who they perceive as a nearly unbeatable Obama. First for the record a President who has failed as miserably as Obama with a record as bad as his is certainly more than just beatable but in the best traditions of American politics will likely be rejected by voters because of his absolute failure as President.

The lie being perpetrated is that no one who is as they put it a ,"right wing," conservative can satisfy voters enough to beat even a very beatable Obama. So once again these pundits are misleading the public into backing another stinker in the McCain mold and pushing Romney, Hunstman and on a lesser tier, Pawlenty and Rick Perry of Texas whose record while more conservative than most is still much more moderate than we need.

True conservatives like Bachman, Cain, Palin and DeMint are constantly demonized to make them so undesirable to the voting public that voters will buy into the lie that a conservative cannot be elected and force a stinker into the nomination which would possibly make a repeat of 2008 with the GOP nominee running a closer race than McCain did against Obama but still losing to the Marxist in The White House.

A true conservative absolutely can win and I will ad must win in order for our country to start the slow process of returning to Constitutional principles and real fiscal sanity. The last true conservative who was nominated and ran for President was also demonized by the press, ran behind in the polls right up to election day itself but showed the Nation and the world that The United States is a conservative country and won in a landslide in 1980. Of course we all know that was Ronald Reagan. This is what an electoral map looks like when a true conservative runs for The White House.
This is what an electoral map looks like when a true conservative has governed for four years and seeks reelection to the satisfaction of the American public who embraced the conservative ideals from a leader who expressed those ideals to the country.
DON'T TELL ME THAT A CONSERVATIVE CAN'T WIN. Reagan proved that not only can a conservative win but the country would embrace the conservative agenda and ideology with enthusiasm and zeal. Reagan won with Republicans, Independents and those who were called Reagan Democrats. Sure there will never be another Reagan and no one in the conservative mix is another Reagan, but the values, ideology and belief in the Constitution and the people is present in several conservative candidates and each can beat Obama with the backing of the American people.

Remember as I mentioned before, Reagan was demonized as too far right to win against the failed Carter. He was behind in the polls for almost all of the 1980 election cycle. In fact on election day many in the MSM were calling the election for Carter even before the polls closed because Reagan was showing so poorly in pre election day polling. Yet he won and won big then governed according to Constitutional conservative values and principles and won even larger in 1984.

Americans did not buy into the lie that a conservative could not win in 1980 and elected the greatest President of the 20th Century. We must follow that same example as we approach 2012. We are being lied to once again as in 1980 that a conservative cannot win. Don't believe the lie. We don't have to settle for a Romney or Huntsman or their like just because the press, country club Republicans and pundits say we do. We can and we will nominate a conservative and that conservative just as Reagan whipped Carter will beat in a landslide Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rask said...


Your best commentary yet! Straight to the point and 100% on the mark. Great job, keep up the great work!

3:20 PM, June 30, 2011  
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