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Sunday, June 12, 2011


The Presidency of Barack Obama is showing the abject failure of liberalism as a political and governing ideology. Under liberalism's reign in the last two and a half years we have watched deficits skyrocket, unemployment grow putting millions of Americans out of work. The national debt has increased in the last two years at a faster pace than the preceding Presidency's of all of Obama's predecessors combined.

Every economic indicator under liberalism has either slowed, stopped or reversed direction going into the negative. Liberalism though in the truest sense of the word has not been present in our government just under Obama. It has run rampant especially in the last twenty years even under Republican Presidents but was kept in check as some conservative philosophy was applied with liberal ways of governing.

The difference between Obama's liberal governing and that of his previous three predecessors in the Oval Office is that under Obama liberalism has had NO balance with conservative or even more moderate governing and its true and complete failure as a governing ideology has taken our country over a cliff with nothing to catch our falling nation before it hits the bottom of the ideologically created ravine.

Even with its economic, domestic and complete policy failure, liberalisms most dangerous and destructive attack on our Nation does no come from simply the policies and the implication of those polices but from the mind set and destruction of the basic foundation of our Nation that has sustained and kept a free society since our birth during and after the American Revolution.

Our Nation was founded upon the basic principle that all people are created free and as such have the God given right and ability to determine without the involvement of government to set the direction of their lives and the path in which that life will take and prosper. Liberalism as a political ideology robs the people of that right and takes away by its governing philosophy the ability and eventually the will for a free people to determine their own fate.

Liberalism looks to and creates government dependency to control the minds and action of people which enslaves those who are governed to programs, entitlements and a mind set that states that government is the answer to all problems and without government the people cannot survive or exist to survive.

Liberalism creates a lazy society that looks to government and those in government for answers and takes away by its very ideology and governing philosophy the ability of those governed to think, act and even take care of themselves. As such the people who follow this ideology become almost mind numb robots who cannot function without government assistance or direction and when problems arise seek government solutions and assistance to solve the problem.

This mind set then continues to take away any individualism and as such creates an anger when anyone threatens to change the power of the government and remove the liberal stumbling block that seeks to stop the fulfilment our own God given right of freedom and personal prosperity through our own efforts and abilities. Dependency on government rules the lives on this mind set and when anyone seeks to return the freedom to achieve in accordance to our own abilities which is the foundational principle of America the dependant people cry foul and the government reaches out with more power to feed the dependant mind set.

Liberalism twists the clause in the Preamble of our Constitution which calls for the promotion, "of the general welfare," as meaning the creation of a welfare state that forces the people to depend only on government for answers and livelihood. Yet the Founders intended for this particular clause to mean the promotion of a free atmosphere in America which allows the people the liberty to achieve and proser in accordance to their own abilities without a government hindering them by seeking to control their lives.

The liberal philosophy seeks to eliminate the abilities of a free people and replace it with an enslavement to government where the people are subject to government control of every aspect of their lives. Never rising above whatever level the government has chosen and never being allowed to prosper more that anyone else so that all can live under the same, "fair," statism and under the power of a controlling tyrannical government.

That my fellow Americans is NOT who we are nor what our Founders intended for our country. We were founded as a Republic where the people are the true and real authority over government and government is intended to stay out of the way of a free people so they may prosper and achieve as they see fit.

This is the fundamental fight that is coming as we approach the 2012 election. This election is as much as referendum on liberalism as a governing ideology as it is on Barack Obama who has spearheaded the complete take over of our Nation by that ideology. The 2012 election asks the question, "do we continue on the destructive path of eliminating freedom and embrace government enslavement or do we begin returning to a free society based on the Constitutional principle that we the people can prosper in liberty without the controlling influence of government?"

Polls are overwhelmingly showing that Americans do not agree with Obama's liberal governing ideology and do not identify with the philosophy that government is the answer. The question is whether the people will reject what they do not believe in come 2012 or once again embrace the hype and the lie that Obama continues to spread as the election draws closer?

Liberalism is a failure and has shown itself to be so. I believe in the American people who are fed up with government slavery and also believe that as the referendum on the failure of liberalism and its leader Barack Obama are placed once again before the people at the ballot box, this time the people in their collective wisdom will reject both Obama and the ideology that is destroying America. Americans will not be fooled twice.

Ken Taylor


Blogger ablur said...

I so strongly want to believe that America is waking up and realizing the error and yet I fear that those on the dole will be overcome by the addiction and bow to slavery again.

4:12 PM, June 13, 2011  
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