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Thursday, June 09, 2011


The old blame game with Barack Obama took a new turn this week as bad economic news piled on to the Community Organizer in the from of a much weaker that anticipated jobs growth, (if you call 54,000 growth), more than half of which came from one company, McDonalds, unemployment jumping back above 9% and more jobless claims that expected.

Obama followed his usual blame Bush rhetoric by regressing back two and a half years to claiming that this whole economic mess is because of fiscal policies over the decade before he took office. Not mentioning Bush by name by quickly calling the problem being the Bush years. But this blame game go around Obama added that scared investors and consumers are also at fault for the stalled economy because of holding back on investing and spending.

What an absolute idiot. Investors aren't investing because Obama's current economic policy does not give investors any incentive to invest since the false bubble created by Obama's bailout plan for Wall Street has made a precarious growth in the stock market that can collapse at any time. So understandably investors are weary of losing their shirt when the Obama created bubble bursts.

Consumers aren't spending money because simply put, they don't have it. Obama's economic policy has caused prices to skyrocket because of massive increases in energy costs caused by the envrio king in The White House who has stopped almost all domestic oil production and by Executive Order forced a form of taxation by regulation on many energy industries like coal etc. in order to push his green agenda.

Add to that a general bad feeling about the Obama made economy and consumers are holding every dollar available because frankly they need it to survive in the mess Obama has created. Obama NOT Bush exploded deficits from $464 billion when Bush left office to $1.5 trillion with trillion dollar deficits in the Obama mix for the next decade.

Obama NOT Bush flushed $1.7 trillion dollars down the toilet in a stimulus program that has ONLY stimulated Obama's Union buddies and destroyed millions of jobs while creating only a few thousand new Union based jobs. In fact since taking office Obama has averaged a 4.2 million job loss per year making him the greatest job killing President in our history.

Yet according to this delusional President the problem is still that of his predecessor and we the people who have failed to appreciate all he has done to save us from the big bad Bush and all of his destructive policy that caused all of Obama's economic woes. Get a back bone Obama and step down from you arrogant perch on your liberal Mount Olympus.

This economy is NOT Bush's fault nor is it a result of investors and consumers not appreciating all you haven't done to get the economy going. We are stagnant because YOU have made it so. Your big spending plans, back door taxation through regulation causing business to spend growth capital to pay for your leftist agenda, unsustainable deficits and increase of the debt more than all of your predecessors combined is the cause of our country's economic woes.

But the arrogant one will not admit to his failure and as such it is every ones fault but his. Well Mr. Organizer, we the people aren't buying your flim flam blame game. We know where the problem is and if we can survive until November 2012 we will eliminate that problem by booting you out of office. 2012 please come quickly!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Mark @ Israel said...

I completely agree with this post. Obama doesn't see his faults. In other words, he is blind to the truth. He only sees the faults of others and only blames them for what is happening.He doesn't want to realize that it is all his fault that the economy is plundering, jobs are lost and the people are suffering. People should definitely not vote for him ever again.

7:30 AM, June 10, 2011  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Obama got exactly what he wanted with the stimulus bill and said that if that bill passed unemployment would stay below 8%.

How is it unfair to blame him for the failure of that bill to produce the results HE promised?

Blaming Bush won't work as a campaign defense of Obama's failures to lead.

2:28 PM, June 10, 2011  
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