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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Recent polls reveal the great vulnerability of Barack Obama in the 2012 election which is in stark contrast to the left wing media hype that he is unbeatable in the Presidential race. The polling show that Obama is not only beatable but likely to lose if these numbers remain consistent over the next several months. With the failing economy and an equally failing Presidency combined with an Obama who follows that same path that created the low numbers the possibility of the situation changing to favor Obama is extremely low.

An ABC News poll,a poll that historically has a greater number of Democrats than Republicans and/or Independents, show that 47% of registered voters would not vote for Obama in 2012. If this poll were taken with likely voters and follow trends of likely voter verses registered voters it would show over 50% of likely voters would not vote for Obama in 2012.

The same poll shows that Mitt Romney would defeat Obama 49% to 46% if the election were held today. All of the ABC numbers are extremely bad news for a sitting President this far in advance of a reelection bid. In fact Obama's numbers are worse that any incumbent President since modern polling began in 1947 at this point in advance of an election.

Another poll from Rasmussen bodes even worse for Obama as it shows that ONLY 24% of likely voters share the same political views as Obama with 57% of the polling group stating Obama is ideologically more liberal than they. The poll also finds that ONLY 45% of Democrat voters agree with Obama's political view which is a new low for this poll.

As far as a Republican head to head with Obama in 2012 the Rasmussen poll shows a generic Republican beating Obama 45% to 42% among likely voters. All of the numbers in these two polls equals a President whose chances for reelection are extremely low and likely to become a landslide defeat by the time November 2012 comes around.

At this point it would take a complete reversal in the economy for Obama to be reelected and every expert does not see even a minor improvement before the election much less a reversal. Obama owns this economy and the failed Presidency that created it and this along with a foreign policy that is weak signals a defeat possibly in landslide proportions for Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor


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