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Thursday, June 30, 2011


We are a Republic with a proud and tremendous heritage. A country who sought to be free from the enslavement of tyranny and a Monarch as an independent Nation whose citizens by law are allowed to live by their God given rights in a land where liberty reigns.

For the next few days with all of the political hey day taking place which angers most of us as it defies the conservative Constitutional principles in which our Republic was founded upon, I will be sharing with you videos from what I consider the greatest historical drama ever filmed, the HBO miniseries, John Adams.

In this clip we see the seriousness and the awe of our Founders as they pass the Declaration of Independence fully realizing the tremendous ramifications it posed for
the birth of a new free and independent Nation and the personal ramifications as they each understood it meant a possible death sentence as they were seen as treasonous against the British King and their desire to rid themselves of the Monarchy.

God bless our Nation as we celebrate the 235th birthday of our independence and birth. God bless our Republic as we work to restore what they fought so hard to create. As John Adams once said, "LIBERTY SHALL REIGN IN AMERICA!"

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Let us rededicate ourselves this Independence Day to restoring the ideals and founding principles that made this country great and have been under such assault the last few years.

Either we take a stand NOW or we will see the greatness of our country destroyed and a grim future will be our fate.

1:12 AM, July 01, 2011  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Amen Mike!

10:14 AM, July 01, 2011  
Anonymous Declaration of Independence said...

be proud to republic.

1:12 PM, July 01, 2011  
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