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Sunday, June 05, 2011


A few weeks back I wrote on the myth of the unbeatable Obama in The Sunday Commentary as the press was having a field day praising Obama after the killing of Osama bin Laden. For several weeks after the Navy Seals went in and capped bin Laden the press and liberal pundits were singing Obama praises and telling the world that because bin Laden was dead and Obama happened to be President at the time he was unbeatable in 2012.

Then the much anticipated bump that these left wing media types were expecting didn't take place and what little two or three points Obama gained after the killing disappeared in short order as his approval ratings dropped back into the mid and low forties. So the press once again had to create a new election myth about the unbeatable Obama.

Since bin Laden's death didn't give their guy the big kick they thought the liberal press looked elsewhere to continue the myth of Mr. Unbeatable. First they went after what they are calling a, 'weak," GOP field for 2012 and followed it up by claiming the,"recovering," economy is all due to the grand and successful policy of Barack Obama and he has saved America from disaster and therefor is unbeatable.

First, if the press is already calling him unbeatable and attacking the GOP field as weak and aimless then that is the first clue they already KNOW he is in big trouble and his chances of reelection are in danger. We are months away from the primaries and even further from the general election with a liberal Obama favoring press already trying to discourage voters from turning out by claiming Obama is unbeatable.

But setting all of the press love affair aside, even they are running out of ways of apologizing for Obama as the NYT and other liberal outlets are starting to see the light that this economy is hurting and in danger of going back into full recession and the supposed recovery that Obama has claimed is due to his policy has NEVER existed and his policy of stimulus and increased government spending and regulating has actually failed to produce results.

Even the ever liberal AP is disagreeing with the Obama Labor Department unemployment figures being at only 9.1% by giving numbers that include the millions who have just given up looking for non existent jobs. Almost immediately after the Labor Department released the new 9.1% figure and Obama began his usual spin that it is not as bad as it looks, the AP gave the actual figure which included those no longer looking for work at 11.5%. Not a sign of a recovering economy.

So this perpetuated myth that Obama is unbeatable is not only a myth but a flat out media created lie to try and boost a failed President in the eyes of a citizenry who is increasingly understanding that he has failed and his policy is taking the country in the wrong direction.

Adding to that the fact that the base line in which the economy is measured even in the most positive terms does not bode well for any type of even apartial recovery BEFORE the 2012 election. In fact the numbers increasingly show that Obama policy which has failed to stimulate the economy, is also causing the economy to worsen and head toward a double dip recession which NEVER looks good for the reelection of a President.

When he was running for reelection in 1994, Bill Clinton had a sign posted in his campaign headquarters which read, "it's the economy stupid." His entire reelection bid focused on this fact and he moved to the center working with a GOP Congress that had been elected in 1992 as a repudiation of Clinton's first two very liberal years as President and Clinton won reelection.

Obama is not following the Clinton example because he is one, too arrogant to accept that the American people have rejected his liberal policy and two he refuses to accept that government cannot and will not solve economic problems and cannot create jobs. That is a responsibility that falls on the private sector and Obama policy has been and will continue to punish the private sector through increased government intervention and back door taxation through environmental policy as well as other regulation that take operating capital form the private sector preventing job creation and hiring.

As a result the economy will not recover and likely will slide into a second recession before the 2012 election. Unemployment which runs hand in hand with an economy will stay stagnant or continue to rise. We may as we have in the past two years see slight positive figures but because of the band aid financial cures and continued spending along with regulatory taxation on business the recovery that Obama touts as his great accomplishment is a myth.

All of this equals to a VERY beatable President who is not only setting himself up for a landslide but a possible landslide of historical proportions on the level of Reagan over Mondale in 1984 when Reagan took every state except Mondale's home of Minnesota.

A failed Presidency no matter how a loving press tries to spin it can only be hidden from the people for so long. Most Americans are paying much more attention to happenings in Washington than ever before in recent history. Combine that with the press starting to run out of the ability to spin the failure into a success and Obama is not only very beatable but is going to be a one term President.

Ken Taylor


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