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Friday, June 03, 2011


According to every spokes person in the Obama administration from Obama on down to those assigned to all of the talking head shows, we are in the midst of a tremendous recovery and Americans should be rejoicing and praising Obama wanting desperately to reelect this great President because he has saved America from economic disaster by his stimulus and other equally costly spending and deficit busting measures.

One problem, they forgot to tell the economy that their government intervention and spending programs actually have worked. In fact the struggling economy Obama has told everyone who has heard his voice since taking office that he ,"inherited," a blame he still uses nearly three years into his Presidency and in which he still takes no credit for the economic problems, is far worse than when he took office.

When Obama took office gas was $1.61 a gallon. Today it averages nearly $4.00 everywhere in the country with many areas well above that average. Unemployment was at 7.6% and Obama promised his stimulus would prevent it from going over 8%. The new figures which came in for the month of May show it at 9.1% which is where it has danced around for nearly two years without any improvement.

Obama claimed he would create jobs in the millions. Of course we who understand how the job market actually works know that the private sector NOT government creates jobs, but Obama and other liberals don't want to hear that truth because government is the ONLY answer to everything and can magically solve every problem. We are watching the result of that problem solving magic as only 54,000 jobs were created in May which is 100,000 below what was predicted and couple of million below what is needed to get the job market even back to where it was when Obama took office.

Millions of unemployed Americans have simply given up looking for non-existent jobs and they are not counted in the unemployment figures. If so unemployment would be closer to 18%. The job market is at its lowest point since the late 70's when we suffered through the fiasco created by Jimmy Carter with hyper inflation and skyrocketing energy costs along with high unemployment.

Yet Obama still tours the country claiming he has saved us from economic disaster while the facts show that the disaster is a result of what he has done, not what he inherited and the worsening economy continues to be stagnant or weakening with every move he makes. Even the housing market which showed signs of a weak recovery recently has dropped to new all time lows.

If this is a recovery and Obama's economic policy is working then PLEASE stop the recovery and quit working to fix the economy or else we are ALL going to be bankrupt along with the country! Obama economic policy has failed and continues to fail and everything he does to try and reverse the direction he has taken the economy makes a terrible situation much worse. If this is success and worthy of four more years then the Ford Edsel was the most successful car in history and everyone still owns one!

Ken Taylor


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