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Friday, June 24, 2011


Republicans stood strong against a Democrat onslaught lead by Barack Obama over raising taxes as a means of decreasing the deficit and making a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The Democrat plan calls for what they claim a, "balanced approach," combining limited spending cuts with, "tax reform." Which translates into making little in cuts and raising taxes to counter balance increased spending.

Republicans walked out of meetings and vow not to return until Democrats get serious about real spending cuts in the trillions of dollars and taking all tax increases off the table. Increasing taxes in a stagnant economy would only deepen the recession but Democrats care nothing about the results of their tax increases only that gaining the added revenue allows them to continue spending temporarily until that limit is reached.

We do not have a revenue problem as current revenues are at the highest level in our Nations history. Our problem is spending which far exceed revenue creating trillion dollar deficits that continually increase our debt surpassing the debt ceiling and keeping our Nation strapped economically to other countries especially China who control a great deal of our debt.

Democrats are not willing to make serious cuts calling every GOP plan to cut spending by trillions of dollars, "draconian," and using typical liberal scare tactics like attacking GOP plans for reforming the nearly bankrupt medicare system in order to make it solvent as taking medical care from seniors and killing grandma as a result. When reform plans in actuality are designed to save the program from being forced by lack of money to actually cutting benefits and recipients.

Democrats see the only answer in attacking deficit spending as raising taxes rather than even considering cutting spending or reforming entitlements which comprise over 60% of government spending. Republicans by standing strong against tax increases and pushing for trillion dollar spending cuts are proving they understand the problem and are also looking out for the American people by not burdening already struggling citizens with more taxes and larger government.

Stand true GOP, the people are behind you and the majority of us are not falling for the Democrat lies and scare tactics. Make the cuts, prevent the tax increases and force Democrats into serious reforms and spending cuts to begin the task of fiscal sanity in Washington.

Ken Taylor


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