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Thursday, June 02, 2011


The Republican field of candidates has an interesting mix ranging from the very conservative Herman Cain to the problematic Ron Paul as well as the more moderate RINO types like Mitt Romney. Yet all of the air in the campaign is being sucked out by those who have yet to make up their minds or already have decided not to run and still hinting they may reconsider.

Why a potential candidate feels the need to announce that they are considering a run, then announce again that they are close to making a decision and follow that announcement up with yet another announcement that they will make a decision by a certain date then yet another announcement announcing the date they will make it official is getting beyond ridiculous.

Now those who have already made the decision NOT to run are sucking of even more air by making news about their potential to reconsider their original rejection of a run for the Presidency. Mike Huckabee whose dropping out of contention was no great loss has announced that he may reconsider and decide to get into the 2012 race.

Donald Trump whose much publicized foray into a 2012 run has always been questionable since Trump is for Trump and the ultimate opportunist, is now all over the news talking about a possible run as an Independent which will all but insure an Obama reelection since it would split the anti Obama vote. When confronted with this fact on Sean Hannity's radio show he dodged it by dancing all around the issue complaining about what he perceives as a weak GOP field.

Chris Christie who has consistently claimed he would not run because he is not ready to be President is losing a great deal of credibility as he somehow seems to show up at nearly every GOP meeting in nearly every early Caucus or Primary state acting very much like a potential candidate. Yet when asked why he is making the pre candidate rounds he denies anything about a run using the same, "I'm not ready," excuse but looking like and acting like a candidate.

All the while those who have already announced and are putting forth the effort to actually run for President are completely off the radar in news coverage of any type since all of the interest is going to the more high profile, "non," candidates who can't make up their mind and when they supposedly do, come back in the spotlight to reconsider just one more time.

All of this is hurting the GOP field since it gives the appearance of total disarray and confusion in the buildup for the 2012 election. It does not benefit Republicans to have this much indecisive publicity and can only help Obama even with lousy poll numbers and a failed Presidency.

To the also rans who keep sucking the up all the air, either get in or get out and quit playing these publicity games that do nothing but hinder the goal of defeating Barack Obama in 2012. Voters see this circus and see it only as a three ring disaster and not a positive outlook by supposed concerned politicians who are just looking out for the best interest of the people and the country. Stop with the games, make the decision either way and let the process take us to the next level in determining who will be the GOP nominee to defeat Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Politicians have massive egos that demand attention. They also have to find new ways to get their name out there so I understand why they are doing this but I do agree it is getting a bit crazy.

I thought Romney had announced months ago but I guess that was just his announcement that he might be announcing. It does get confusing.

12:36 AM, June 03, 2011  
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