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Monday, July 18, 2005


As the continuing story concerning the press and Democrats claim that Karl Rove and now VP Cheney's chief of staff , "outed" Valerie Plame's CIA identity progresses there is some very interesting information that the press is hiding and refusing to disclose to the American public! When two of their own, namely Judith Miller and Matt Cooper were being investigated for this very charge, 36 news organizations came to their defense in a court briefing stating that, "no crime was committed!" Yet to hear the press when referring to Karl Rove, not only has he committed a crime, but he should be linched and the Vice President's chief of staff along with him, WITHOUT A TRIAL OR ANY EVIDENCE! According to an article from National Review On Line, (click on this article's title), court documents that were submitted by the 36 news organizations in order to prevent prosecution and possible prison for the two above mentioned reporters, not only site that no crime was committed according to the statute that addresses covert operatives, but that Valerie Plame's CIA identity was outed in two prior incidents BEFORE Robert Novak's article and well before Karl Rove was contacted. The first being in the mid 90's when a Moscow spy revealed her identity to the Russian Government and the second when the CIA it self inadvertently revealed her by name in documents that were being routed through the Swiss embassy in Havana, Cuba. Her own husband in a interview admitted that she was not covert but an analyst working at Langley at the time of the Rove incident. Yet the press and the libs still persist that Rove is a criminal who threatens national security! The more that this story continues the more that the main stream media lose what credibility that they might still posses. If ever there was a clear picture of a media run amuck and showing themselves to be biased and a mouth piece for the left, this story is it. The true headline to the Rove story should be, "Democrats and the main stream media fabricate story to push leftist agenda!"

Ken Taylor


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