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Saturday, July 09, 2005


With the recent announcement by Sandra Day O'Conner of her retirement from the Supreme Court and the strong possibility of the retirement of the Chief Justice William Rehnquist there is a distinct possibility that the make up of the court can be changed to a very conservative court for the foreseeable future ! Add to this the speculation of the retirement of Justices Ginsburg and Stevens, (both very liberal), before the year is out and this possible shift in the court could very well change the rulings on some very controversial findings of the past not the least of which is Roe vs Wade. Additionally the possibility of the activism within the court and the court system could be curtailed to a great degree. This is exactly why the libs have drawn the battle lines and there will be a fight over Supreme Court nominees. They have realized to a certain extent that they cannot win at the ballot box so in order to ,"save " the American people from their governmental choice, their power has been found in activist, leftist, socialist judges and many Supreme Court decisions have assisted in this liberal strategy. This is why the libs will fight to the death, so to speak to prevent the Supreme Court from making a conservative shift through the retirements and the President's nominees for replacement. In spite of the, "compromise" made by the lame brain 14 a few weeks back to end the filibuster of judicial nominees, Democratic minority leader Harry Reid has already announced that the filibuster has, "not been ruled out!" Senator Chuck Schumer from New York was caught during a cell phone conversation stating that the dems were preparing for , "war" and that all nominees will be fought regardless of there credentials or qualifications. Senator Joseph Biden has said much the same and listed questions that would be demanded of the nominees to answer on how they would vote on certain issues, including abortion, all the while stating that each case before the court cannot be judged until all of the information is known, yet they will be expexted to answer speculating their decisions for Senate confirmation! When the voters went to the polls last November the results of the election determined how the people wanted future Supreme Court members to be nominated and the Constitiution give the duly elected representative of the people, the President the right to nominate who he wishes and to build the make up of the court with the , "advise and consent" of the Senate. The libs believe just the opposite, that it is the President who should ask them who to nominate in order to satisfy there judicial activism. Let us hope that majority leader Frist and the Republican Senate have the strength to stand and fight for the nominees. The White House is preparing for the fight by assigning Fred Thompson, former Senator (R) from Tennessee to guide the nominees through the process including instructions on what they do and do not have to answer. The opportunity for change is upon us and if it is left to fall by the wayside by a weak Senate majority the ramifications are incacuable ! The time to fight is now and the ability to win the fight is there if the leadership will but grasp it !

Ken Taylor


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