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Thursday, July 14, 2005


A report today on the Fox news website states that in several Muslim majority countries support for Osama Bin Laden is dropping and the Islamic radicalism that he spurs is loosing its popularity! In the countries of Jordan, which neighbors Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey and Pakistan, which neighbors Afghanistan support for Bin Laden has dropped drastically with a general drop throughout the region. In Jordan the drop is 21% and in Lebanon where terrorism and Islamic fanaticism almost destroyed the country the drop is a huge 34% ! One of the goals in the War on Terror that was stated by the President was the re-education of the Middle East with the eventual goal of changing the fanaticism that has dominated the region for years and especially ending support for the likes of Osama Bin Laden. It would seem that with numbers like these and the decrease of his support that the overall plan to ultimately defeat terrorism is working and a fundamental change is taking place. Add to this a Fox news interview with General Casey, commander of the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan in which he states that the draft for the Iraqi constitution will be ready tomorrow and the deadline of August 15 will be met as planned shows that when freedom is let loose and liberty given to people who have known nothing but evil oppression that just as in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries in the late 80's the fresh air of freedom and liberty that we sometimes take for granted here will extinguish even the fantasist of Bin Laden and the evil of Islamic terrorism ! The President has stated time and time again that all men have an longing to be free. This is what this country was founded upon and the expression of those values cannot fail and that is being proven in the Middle East ! This inspite of the liberal opposition by the Democrats. Imagine how quick and successful the outcome if a united front could be presented to these Islamic extremist instead of the rhetoric of the left that emboldens them to continue. Of course that will never happen because the left just doesn't get it! Freedom and Liberty will and is prevailing !

Ken Taylor


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