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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I am not a big fan of USA Today. A little too left for my taste and blatantly so. I'll purchase it once in awhile because their baseball and NFL coverage is pretty good and then I'll throw it away. Yet today I could not resist when, with all that is taking place from Rove to the soon to be Supreme Court battle, what do my eyes behold........a front page picture of Hillary standing in front of two of America's finest during a trip she took to Afghanistan in 2003 above the headline, "Can Hillary be elected commander in chief ?" This, of course was what could be seen as pre-2008 election coverage and a free campaign add. The story was all Hillary, for Hillary and all but electing Hillary! The writer, Bill Nichols, begins by showing how the Hildabeast NOW appeals to the veteran with the article beginning with an 80 year old WWII vet explaining how he didn't vote for her for the Senate but after her pitch to save the Niagara Falls Navel Air Station, this vet says he'll vote for her next time, "she's been absolutely marvelous!" This seemed curious to me because most 80ish vets I've ever met or any vet for that matter wouldn't be caught saying, "absolutely marvelous!" But that's another subject. The article then spends two pages touting the now conservative leaning voting record of Hillary and her, "qualifications" to hold the office of president and of course polls that essentially show how much everyone thinks she's great and love her more than their pet cocker spaniel! Toward the end of this liberal fluff piece Nichols finally gets down to the nitty gritty....sort of. He mentions that in 2003 she was ranked as the 9th most liberal Senator and in 2004 a voting shift took place as she dropped to 34th. Her explanation is that national security and, " a long standing interest in military and foreign policy issues" plus a, "long standing tradition of military service" in New York and the 9/11 attacks prompted this change. Now I ask you why did it take 3 years and an up-coming election cycle for this, "change " to show its face. Is it a fundamental new view of the country and the world or a shift to garner votes for she knows that the latter will not happen without a change to the right....WHETHER SHE BELIEVES IT OR NOT ! Republicans and most conservative columnist agree with this assessment. Well one thing seems certain. Hillary is and will continue to keep up the family tradition of doing anything and everything necessary to achieve power. I don't believe that the American people will fall for it this time. Oh... there is one more tradition she'll keep, she doesn't inhale, that is inhale the true and free breath of conservative air. She may try to act conservative, but her heart and mind will always be LIBERAL !

Ken Taylor


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