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Sunday, July 31, 2005


In an interview on the the," Jim Lehrer News Hour", Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was asked if US policies were creating terrorism which raised her dander prompting this response "When are we going to stop making excuses for the terrorists and saying that somebody is making them do it?" She went on to say that terrorist are evil people who WANT TO KILL! She then reminded Mr. Lehrer that 9/11 took place with no provocation and that American service men and women have fought and died protecting the rights of Muslims in Kuwait, Bosnia and Kosovo well before the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan were used as the, "excuse" for terrorism. "No one is making them do it," Rice said. "They're doing it because they want to create chaos and to undermine our way to life." I say BRAVO Dr. Rice. It's about time that someone got their dander up and put these liberal media maggots in their place and tell the, "blame America first" crowd,(many of which are Democrats elected to Congress!), that we are not the cause nor the problem and excusing terrorism by blaming our actions to protect our home is inexcusable ! This, "blame America first, " rhetoric that is constantly regurgitate by the leftist media, 60's throw back protesters and the liberals in Congress, only emboldens the terrorist to continue and even escalate their activities whenever possible which unfortunately ends up costing the lives of many of our brave men and women fighting to protect this nation and innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, London, Egypt and yes, eventually the United States. Every time these terror monsters hear a Jim Lehrer, or a Ted Kennedy, or a Dick Durbin tear down the war effort to defeat the radical Islamic cowards, these same cowards see that as success in their effort to, as Dr. Rice put it, "create chaos and to undermine our way of life!" Thank you Secretary Rice for voicing the truth and expressing what most of us feel! Terrorism is a scourge that can only be cleaned from this earth by the elimination of those who create the terror. Thus the War on Terror which can bring about the elimination of terrorist and the chaos they create ! To the left I say the time for, "blame America first" rhetoric is over and never should have been. Remember your tails are in the ringer to and this war is to protect you as well as those of us who support our military, our President and this justified war!

Ken Taylor


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