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Thursday, July 07, 2005


"Whatever they do it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and other civilized nations throughout the world." With these words British Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed to the terrorists who hit London today and to the world that the resolve in the War on Terror is only strengthened by this attack and their time is drawing to an end! Not only did this cowardly attack not succeed, but it proved that the Prime Minister and President Bush were correct in taking the war to the terrorists. This may be a little different perspective then many of the news reports that you have heard today. Those have ranged from hand wringing, to strong talk by Bush, Blair and Mayor Livingston of London and the ultimate insult by California Senator Barbara Boxer when she said that the war in Iraq is the cause of terrorism. I guess she has forgotten the Cole, and the two attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon BEFORE Iraq! Yet one thing stood out to me when I first heard of the attacks in London. Although there was loss of life for which we are all saddened and many injuries, this attack was relatively small compared to attacks in the past which indicates to me that the War on Terror has been very successful and their ability to create extreme havoc and cause great loss of life has been tremendously diminished! Even the attacks that have been launched on Embassies and in Bali in the past were much more devastating and caused much more havoc than in London. This is not meant to diminish the disgust and anger nor take away from the anguish felt by Britain, the families of those lost and injured but rather to stress the weakness and failure of these monsters who think that taking innocent western lives will destroy our way of life and find them greater glory from Allah. I believe their, "reward" will be considerably hotter ! As the Prime Minister said, "they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear." Our resolve cannot waver and the determination to rid the world of this fanaticism will succeed. The road ahead still holds much sacrifice and yes more attacks quite likely in our own country, but freedom loving people will prevail. Just as the Brits stood with us in our hour of need after September 11, we stand with them and will see this war through to complete victory!

Ken Taylor


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