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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The President has made his nomination known, the research has been done and now everyone realizes who Judge John Roberts is, a conservative who believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. This is exactly what President Bush promised as he campaigned for re-election. Now the battle lines have been drawn. The left wing advocacy groups , "claim" that Roberts will set the court back years and all groups will suffer and die and women will be second class citizens and all the trees will rot because the environment will suffer...yada, yada, yada the usual leftist garbage when a conservative is nominated for anything. But this time the left is running scared for Roberts is a nominee that they realize they cannot defeat, though they will try! Here is just a sampling of the rhetoric from the left:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. crawled out of her hole to say, "I will keep my powder dry until due diligence is completed." Now she's against gun rights so she must mean talcolm powder!

Senator Ted Kennedy sobered up from his evening with scotch to take to the Senate floor today and say, "people need to know whether Judge Roberts respects the core of the Constitution and falls in the mainstream as O'Connor did." Now considering that the announcement came on the 26th anniversary of Chappaquidic one has to wonder what kind of, "mainstream" he was referring to, wet or dry!

Old Chucky Schumer, who was reported being seen leaving the Senate chambers last night in a raging fit after the announcement, snarled in his usual way, "I hope Judge Roberts, understanding how important this nomination is - particularly when replacing a swing vote - will decide to answer questions about his views." other words a litmus test! Questions I'm sure that he will put forth similar to those voiced when Roberts was being confirmed to his present position which so exasperated Senator Orin Hatch (R) Utah that he looked at Schumer and said, "these are dumbass questions!"

Then the great Gulag Dick Durbin said, "the President missed a chance to choose a candidate who will bring the country together." This coming from the man who angered most of the country with his Gulag and concentration camp statement when referring to the prisoner treatment at Gitmo!

The jewel of them all was when hapless Harry Reid scolded the press for placing the story of the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice before the non-story about Karl Rove!

These statements are proving that the Dems are reaching and imploding as they realize their loss of power is long lasting. Their panic and whining is obvious. So to all of our conservative some compassion send a box of Kleenex to your favorite liberal to dry his tears as he sees the last bastion of leftist power, the Supreme Court move to the right with the confirmation of Judge John Roberts!

Ken Taylor


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