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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

EXCLUSIVE !!! Is The Shuttle Ready ????

Many of you, like me are looking forward to NASA'S return to space as the Space Shuttle Discovery prepares to launch on Wednesday July, 13. I became very concerned about the launch and the possible consequences today after a conversation that I had with a very knowledgeable acquaintance. First let me list his credentials. He is a retired engineer with NASA who participated in the investigation of the Columbia disaster and has since been used in an adsvisory capacity in preparation for the up-coming mission. I asked him today if he was anxious for the Discovery to return to space and his initial response was , "no !" I was rather surprised at the response and inquired as to why and he informed me that the shuttle was not ready because many of the problems that destroyed the Columbia have not been resolved. He then mentioned that the launch was closed and other than news personnel, the space center was open to NASA personnel only and that he was invited to the launch. In further discussion with him he stated that the icing problem which occurs on the external fuel tank and comes off due to the extreme temperature changes which take place during launch have always been a greater problem as far a damage to the shuttle during launch than the foam has and that this problem has not even been addressed. I asked about the , "repair kit" that has been much talked about and he said that the shuttle in nearly impossible to repair in space therefore a repair kit does not exist. To find if the shuttle is damaged during lift off the first check will come from satellite pictures and then when the shuttle docks with the International Space Station there will be a space walk by crew members. The possibility exists that a small crack could be missed, which could cause re-entry problems. He also stated that if damage is found the shuttle will be abandoned and set adrift to burn up in the atmosphere. The crew would then be picked up by two Russian Soyus space crafts to return to earth. Nine craft which incidentally have been purchased by NASA but are still operated by Russia. I was shocked. He stated that many NASA engineers such as he have recommended that the shuttle not launch but have been ignored due to financial pressure to get back to the ISS. I understand that some of this information has been expressed by the head of NASA in a PBS interview, but the concerns about the possiblilty of another shuttle disaster seem to have been over looked. My source showed me many of the concerns including the icing problems in an official copy of the Columbia report and expressed once again his fear for this launch. For a pre-flight report by NASA click on this article's title and for other reference items about the report and the Columbia disaster refer to the links at the bottom of this article. My sincere hope and prayer is for a successful mission. I have been fascinated with the Space Program since Alan Shepherd's first flight, which I remember as if it was yesterday! Pray for our astronauts and the success of Discovery !

Ken Taylor


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