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Friday, September 07, 2012


The DNC Convention is over and now the trek to November 6 is on. Obama and Bill Clinton were the key speakers on the last two nights. The theme of both of their speeches was, "I know things haven't gone as good as was promised but in the next four years I, (Obama), promise to do better."

Bill Clinton stated as shown on the left, (appropriate isn't it), "no President, not me or any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage in just four years."  I guess Bubba forgot about President Reagan.

Reagan came into office with a far worse economy with inflation at 22% following the disaster of Jimmy Carter, than Obama did with the recession he has reminded us almost every day that he, "inherited," and has yet to take one ounce of responsibility for through his destructive policy that took a bad situation and made it far worse.

Reagan turned the Carter disaster around in less than two years and never once blamed the problems on his predecessor and took full responsibility for his office, his decisions and the economy he repaired.  His success EARNED Reagan a landslide reelection because he did what he promised and brought America back from the brink of total disaster.  Obama has not only NOT brought the recovery he promised four years ago but worsened it to the point that we are now on the brink of an economic collapse that would be catastrophic for our country and the world.

Americans who fell for his hope and change four years ago now have little hope and no change.  His speech at the Convention was filled with the same platitudes that he has used over and over again. He claims he hasn't had enough time to finish the job so he needs another four years to do what he couldn't do in his first term and what Reagan did in less than two years. Restore a broken economy and return prosperity to Americans.

At any time in my work career if I had stood before any boss and said to him/her, " I know I haven't done what you expected of me or the job you wanted but if you'll give me more time I think I can do better." I would have been fired on the spot. Yet Obama stood before we the people, HIS BOSS, and said he needed four more years to do what he promised to do four years ago and expects us to rehire him. Donald Trump said it best at the end of his television show, The Apprentice, and what we should say to Obama, "you're fired!"

We heard NOTHING of how he will do anything different than what he has already done and has already failed. We heard his usual laundry list of clean energy jobs, going after , "climate change," etc. without anything of substance but pipe dreams and rhetoric. Empty statements from the ultimate empty chair and empty suit.  Barack Obama whose chance has come to an end and whose failure earns the dismissal by the American people by voting him out of office on November 6 with the joy of seeing him leave Washington on January 20, 2013 and retiring into historical oblivion where he belongs.

Ken Taylor


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