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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Redistribution of wealth has been the key factor used in both a socialism and communism form of government.  Our Founders set up our Constitution in a way that prevents the redistribution of wealth by government IF the precepts within the Constitution are followed as written and the limitations created by the Framers of the Constitution on government are actually adhered to.

Then along comes Barack Obama.  An audio surfaced from a 1998 visit by Obama to Loyola University. During the conference in which he was a speaker.  Then Illinois State Senator Obama stated matter of factual that he, "believed in redistribution, " of wealth.

The argument is being made that this was 1998 and any politician can change his ideas, thoughts etc. as the years go by.  Okay, I'll give that to the Obama defenders.  Politicians do change some of their stripes as time goes by. Ronald Reagan began his political aspirations as a Democrat and changed to Republican as the Democrat party no longer expressed his political beliefs.  Mitt Romney has changed some of his stripes from the days when he was Governor of Massachusetts and is decidedly more conservative than he was then.

So how about Obama and his favoritism of the socialist/communist idea of redistribution of wealth?  Let's move to an interview from 2001 when Obama stated that the flaw of the Constitution, in his opinion was that first Supreme Court Justices when ruling on Civil Rights legislation actually followed the constraints of the Constitution which is a document of, "negative liberties," ( I have never known ANY liberty to be negative),  because it tells what the government cannot do, ( well yeah, that's the idea the Framers intended dope), and not what it must do on behalf of citizens. Here's that portion of the interview.

Well now the Obama apologists will say, "but that was still 2001, well before he ran for President." Okay, I'll give them that one also.  In 2001 he was still a State Senator and hadn't made it to the national stage yet and could possibly make some changes in his ideas and beliefs. But what about 2008 when he was running for President on a national stage placing his ideas and thoughts before a public that would elect him President and then putting those ideas and thoughts into policy?

Enter Joe the Plumber who became an over might celebrity when he questioned Obama about his redistribution beliefs and videos of his one on one with Obama went viral as seen below.

From the first mention publicly in 1998 at Loyola University to the campaign of 2008 and the Joe the Plumber moment Obama's belief of wealth redistribution has not changed at all. His agenda and policy as President has been working toward a complete wealth redistribution as expressed by his notion now that the wealthy do not pay their fair share and as such should be taxed more. He sees those making $250,000 dollars or more as rich which includes almost ALL small business owners including the plumbing business that Joe the Plumber was purchasing in 2008 which would have brought home an income as he stated in the video of about $270,000 - $280,000 a year. Joe by no means is a wealthy man.

Wealth redistribution is based on pure class warfare and the communist idea as described by Karl Marx, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Marx and Obama believe in wealth distribution and Obama has used his Presidency to make this Marxist/Communist idea policy for a free people in a free America. Liberty demands that wealth redistribution is NOT part of American society but according to Obama that is not fair and liberty should be set aside so that he can use government to steal from one to give to the government and force another into a dependency on the government for life.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the stupid one. Check your facts . . . even conservatives Republicans like John McCain (whom I admire immensely!) know what's happening in the Middle East, North Africa, etc... is about the video (which is STUPID) or about Obama, Clinton, Rice, Carney, or things other Democrats have said. The STUPID video was used by terrorists to attack the USA on the anniversary of 9/11, because of Bin Laden's death, etc, etc, etc ....

9:05 AM, September 19, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(editing typo mistake from above) You are the stupid one. Check your facts . . . even conservatives Republicans like John McCain (whom I admire immensely!) know what's happening in the Middle East, North Africa, etc... is NOT ABOUT THE VIDEO (which is STUPID) or about Obama, Clinton, Rice, Carney, or things other Leaders Liberal, Independent or Conservative have said. The STUPID video was used by terrorists to attack the USA on the anniversary of 9/11, because of Bin Laden's death, etc, etc, etc ....

9:10 AM, September 19, 2012  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Guess you missed the news that Al Qaeda was behind the attack and it had NOTHING to do with the video....yep guess you missed that one!

12:47 AM, September 20, 2012  
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