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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have been listening for over a week until it makes me sick to my stomach to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, Jay Carney and every other Obama apologist that has stepped before a camera since the uprisings started in the Middle East and Northern Africa, blame an obscure, little watched video that has been on You Tube since July as the blame for all of the violence, protests and killings.

This little known video only resurfaced AFTER Obama and all of his apologists began apologizing for this video that was an unknown entity until THEY started talking about it. No one interviewed in the countries where American Embassies are being attacked and mobbed knows ANYTHING about the video. In fact many of these countries who warned the Obama administration that this was going to happen INCLUDING the attack on our Consulate in Libya that resulted in the slow tortured death of Ambassador Stevens are seeing Obama and his apologists as foolish because they continue to blame the stupid video rather than the true reason for all of the unrest.

The entire Middle East and Northern Africa have exploded BECAUSE of Barack Obama and his apologetic/appeasement policy.  This is pure hatred of our country from Muslim entities and mobs who are taking advantage of Obama's weakness and apologies.  Every leader there knows it, every protester knows it, every terrorist organization knows it. Israel knows it and yes, Iran knows it and soon as the skies light up with a nuclear attack from Iran, thousands of mourners of dead family members killed by an Iranian nuclear weapon will know it.

Polling all across the region show Obama AND his policy extremely unpopular.  Obama's weakness has bread and emboldened the hatred that has existed for decades. The difference is that now they sense the weakness and as such are taking advantage of that weakness to kill Americans and destroy American property WITHOUT a single response by the person whose policy and apologies directly caused all of this, Barack Obama.

The stupidity of Obama in thinking if he apologized and weakened American power in a region that has been volatile for hundreds of years shows his total lack of understanding of the place of America in the world. We are the voice and light of freedom but our strength keeps even our enemies in check and protects our allies from enemies in their own countries and now Obama's show of weakness has erupted half the world that knows his weakness means they can kill, destroy and mob without consequences or response by a severely weakened America.

Obama's weakness has exploded violence in 27 countries and that number is growing everyday as the lack of response by Obama's weakness is emboldening Muslim mobs all over the world.  If this is the, "new beginning," Obama talked about during his apology tour in 2009 and especially in Cairo, Egypt please give me the old way when Americans were protected, our enemies were in check and our allies trusted us.

A similar weakness existed during the administration of Jimmy Carter but the only problem that resulted then was Iran and the hostage crises that lasted 454 days. Even a weak Carter tried to show American strength in a failed military rescue of the hostages that failed because of Carter's hesitation which caused the attempt to take place during a major storm in the region that brought about a disaster.

The eruption taking place today is not only far worse than the debacle of Carter but Obama's response is to continue to hang with his Hollywood cronies, show up on Letterman, ignore Benjamin Netanyahu and blaming his failure in foreign policy on an obscure video that has ONLY gone viral AFTER he and his administration apologized for it.

We cannot allow this weakness to continue. We cannot allow this Presidency to continue. We cannot allow this failure to continue. Our flag is burning, our Embassies are burning and our citizens are being killed while the one whose policy is responsible for it parties and misses most of his intelligence briefings.  This is not leadership it is surrender and Americans DO NOT SURRENDER.  End this embarrassment and weakness on November 6 and begin the restoration of American power and the recovery of our prosperity on January 20, 2013 when weakness leaves and strength returns to The White House and America.

Ken Taylor


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