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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I oppose Barack Obama. I oppose him not because he is black but because he is an absolute joke as a leader, has weakened the country I dearly love, taken our Republic down a path that our Founders never intended and caused tremendous hardship through his failed economic policy to millions of my fellow country men and women.  I would oppose him if he was white, yellow, brown, green blue or purple. His race, ethnicity nor his color have ANYTHING to do with my absolute opposition and complete disagreement.

In fact as a citizen of our great Republic it is my Constitutional responsibility as one of the people and the true and ONLY authority over our government in whom we temporarily loan power to those we hire to serve us, it is my sacred responsibility to disagree with a President or any politician I believe is hurting my country. Acting in an unconstitutional manner and weakening this Nation and her people. This is why I oppose Obama and the ONLY reason I oppose him.  Yet I have been labeled a racist countless times on this site in comments made by anonymous Obama supporters who refuse to accept my right and responsibility to disagree and oppose Obama so thus I am a racist.  I am sure that the label will be applied because of this post, so be it.

I grew up in the sixties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though a child and young teen, I remember the race riots and personally saw several in Oakland and Berkeley, California.  I remember Dr. Kings Civil Rights movement and even at a young age admired this great man and the much needed changes he was fighting peacefully to make and watched with pride in my country as before and well after his murder the changes he sought became reality and race relations, tensions and racial problems made great improvements.  Are there still improvements to be made? Absolutely, but we have advanced greatly in the last fifty years, then along came Obama.

I have watched with disgust over the last nearly four years much of the racial divide that Dr. King and thousands of others fought to end and had succeeded in so many ways,  reversed by this Presidency and those who support it to a divide in our Nation now that allows anyone who opposes this President being labeled a racist and the race card being played continuously as a means of gaining political ground and trying to shame anyone who opposes anything this President does.  Personally in this writers opinion those who play the race card and use race as a means of political gain or to prevent opposition of this President are the true racists as they divide our Nation along racial and class lines.

With all of this said, I believe there is a major factor that is NOT being counted in any of the polling and certainly will not be factored in during any of the exit polling that will dominate the news on election day until hard numbers will be available after the polls close. That factor is the fear of being labeled a racist for NOT supporting Barack Obama.

In all of my years following politics I cannot remember ANY polling asking along with approval polls whether those being polled, "like," the President.  Every poll shows a likability factor along with Obama's approval rating as if stating that because voters, "like," him then whether they approve of what he is doing or not does not matter.  Because of the racial divide and the fear of being labeled a racist, I believe this likability  poll is false and as such has NOTHING to do with Obama's job approval or his popularity which I also believe is extremely low but because of the fear of racist labeling voters are saying they like him when they really do not.

I also believe in polls that are already shewed by at least 8 - 10 points in favor of Obama that are designed to show him leading regardless of his failure and his terrible economy, there is also a fear of being labeled racist factor that causes those polled to say they support Obama when in actuality they may or may not but the fear of the label prevents them from stating their true opposition to his Presidency and their disappointment in his policy.

This is also why on election day I truly believe that exit polling reports will be greatly skewed as many will not admit opposing Obama for fear of the racist label but when it was just them and the ballot behind the closed curtain they in actuality voted for Romney while telling the exit pollster they voted for Obama. As such I hope this factor will not cause a discouragement with voters on election day much like that which took place in Florida in 2000 when CBS News announced prematurely that Al Gore had won the State causing thousands in the Panhandle to leave the long lines and go home thinking their vote no longer mattered thus thrusting us into the month long nightmare that decided the 2000 election.

Not that I think the election will be as close as 2000.  In fact I believe we will know late in the evening the results and that as predicted by the two Colorado University Political Science Professors who have a 100% prediction rate since 1980 that Romney will be the winner.  But this still does not take into consideration the racist label and how it is affecting current polling and will until the hard numbers appear after the polls close on November 6.

It is a sad commentary now and will be a sadder commentary as history writes the story of the failed Obama administration when it will be shown that his Presidency damaged race relations in our country and set back advances that had been fought for since the birth of our Nation. It will be a sad commentary as history shows that Americas first black President caused Americans to fear a racist label rather than voice their true beliefs and feeling the freedom to exercise their Constitutional responsibility to dissent and oppose a President.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you are correct. Despite not supporting President Obama, I was proud that my country had progressed far enough in race relations to elect him. The next great question will be whether or not we have progressed far enough to get rid of him now that it is clear that he cannot do the job..... Lord give us strength

7:43 PM, September 26, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're not a racist. You assert it so vehemently. Conservatives: Not racist. just the #1 ideology FOR racists!

9:08 PM, September 26, 2012  
Blogger GeorgiaMom said...

Amen! From a psychological point of view the Socialists believe the end justifies the means...ergo, the project on others their own intentions hoping that the falsely accused will be shocked by the allegation and defend themselves in an inordinate for someone they had no intentions to vote for.

Not only am I not a racist, nor you and especially black conservatives who are attacked viciously. Look at what happened to Herman Cain and now Mia Love in Utah. The truth is if Pres. Obama was NOT black he would have been vetted more and would not have won. If you want equality than many black Americans are going to have to admit their racism! I am tired of the double standard. All Americans need to stop being duped by those whose intentions are to put us ALL into a slavery (socialism) that we will never be able to recover from.

Also the few and far between real Democrats need to stand up and fight and take back their own hijacked party!

Nuff said for today...thanks for letting me air some frustration on your awesome website!

11:44 AM, September 27, 2012  
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