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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


In a week that has once again emphasised the childish and amateurish actions of Obama foreign policy and his lack of true priorities, Barack Obama ended his visit to New York with a speech before the United Nations that spent more time focused on apologizing for a video and he continues to claim is the cause for the Middle East unrest. Even after beginning his speech with a tribute to murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Obama never once mentioned terrorism, Al Qaeda, or anything that has been proven as the true cause of the murders and attacks but just a tirade about a video.

All of this was met with tepid applause and a response that would shame any US President but I am sure it mattered little to Obama because his arrogance is only surpassed by his stupidity.  For the first time since these annual meetings have been taking place in New York at the United Nations a US President has chosen to show up ONLY for the annual speech without meeting with one head of state. In fact Obama is even skipping the traditional Secretary Generals luncheon which is attended by all heads of state.

Now don't get me wrong, I could care less about the United Nations. I believe it is a tyrannical organization that supports any and everything that is counter productive and against United States interests around the world.  It favors dictators over freedom and chaos over peace. But this particular forum provides an annual opportunity for the President to meet with his world counter parts on our soil and at once.

Obama has chosen to ignore this opportunity including a second request for a meeting by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Claiming that his schedule gave no time for any meetings Obama still found time to make a visit to the daytime television program , "The View," which was his only scheduled appointment in NYC during this annual gathering of world leaders.

His campaign is more important that US interests. His personal celebrity is more important than his duties as President. His arrogance is more important than the job he was hired for.  One pundit suggested that Obama refused to meet with any of his world counter parts because it being an election year Mitt Romney would also be allowed to meet with those same leaders and Obama was concerned about being shown up by his opponent. Especially the good relationship Romney has with Netanyahu and the poor at best Obama has with the Israeli Prime Minister.

We do not have a President in Obama we have an arrogant celebrity who loves the spotlight and has made more television appearances than all of his television era predecessors combined.  We do not have a President we have a joke who will not accept responsibility for anything but chooses rather to blame anyone and anything for the problems he has created.

Anyone who still supports Barack Obama is dosing so out of ignorance of who we are as Americans and what we stand for.  Anyone who still supports Barack Obama is duped by the celebrity and ignores the failure. Anyone who still supports Barack Obama has closed their eyes to the truth that Obama is destructive for America and dangerous for the future of our Nation.

Ken Taylor


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