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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


UPDATE - The DNC in a voice floor vote reversed the platform decision to leave God and Jerusalem as Israel's Capitol our of the platform wording. Important note about the vote. I happened to be watching the news at the time and coverage went to the floor vote. When the podium brought it up for a vote to reverse the platform language needing a 2/3 majority to pass he had to ask for the vote three times because the nays were much louder than the yays.  A yay vote was for reversing the change a nay vote to keep the change leaving God and Jerusalem out of the platform. The chair chose to accept the yay votes when the vote was clearly a nay vote. He chose to ignore the requirement of a roll call vote when it is not clear by voice vote. 

Democrats are meeting in Charlotte for their version of blaming anyone but Democrats and Obama for the nightmare our country is trying to survive.  At a time when poll after poll show that Americans are mostly conservative, embrace family and christian values and dislike government, Democrats have proven by their party platform that they have no clue and are completely out of touch with the American people.

Democrats have chosen deliberately to eliminate any mention of God from their party platform and their Convention.  Regardless of what religious belief one may have, polling shows that the majority of Americans believe in God and see Him as a central part of life, family and country.  Democrats obviously could care less about what the people believe and God Himself. Democrats are notorious for throwing people under the bus as the saying goes but I never thought I would see the day in our country that a political party would throw God under the bus.  Shameful and a disgusting display of arrogant human pride.

Since Harry Truman after much hesitation stepped forward and backed the creation of a Jewish State in 1947, the Jewish community has backed Democrat candidates by large percentages. Even surprisingly with the terrible record of support or I should say lack of support of Israel by the Obama administration and especially Obama himself, Jewish Americans still support Democrats.

Well not only have Democrats thrown God under the bus but they now have officially thrown Israel under the bus as their party platform has ALL pro-Israel language and Jerusalem as Israel's Capitol removed and as such any support of Israel with it.  Obama has finally had his way when it comes to Israel. He has been the ONLY anti Israel President and now his party joins him in this disgusting display against our strongest and most steadfast ally.  I hope this year that Jewish voters finally wake up and turn against the party that hates Jews, Democrats.

Another move by Democrats at their Convention has been to embrace even more so than has been their practice in the past the complete control by government. In a blatant government love affair video shown at the Convention it was touted and applauded by those in the Convention Center as the video stated, "government is the only thing we all belong to."  Yes, "belong to."

I DO NOT BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT. As a matter of a fact Constitutionally as an American citizen the government actually belongs to me and as such I tell it what to do and NOT the other way around as Democrats now embrace. A free people are not wards of any government and this unconstitutional premise by Democrats that we all, "belong," to the government wreaks of fascism and communism.

According to our Constitution it is we the people who own this country and her government. Democrats refuse to accept this founding principle and have exposed their plan and their ideology to the American people for the future. The expectation that every American resign their freedom and become wards of the government that we all, "belong to."

Vote Democrat in 2012 and you vote to surrender your freedom and belong to the government.  Vote Democrat in 2012 and you vote against supporting Israel.  Vote Democrat in 2012 and you side with the party that seeks to eliminate God from America.  Vote Democrat and you vote for the utter destruction of American principles of freedom, free market, prosperity and the free exercise to live your life as you choose, to worship as you choose and prosper according to your abilities.  Vote Democrat and you vote to give up America.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

It is clear from that voice vote that the Democrats do not want anything to do with God or supporting Israel.

It's also true from the way the vote was handled that Democrat leaders don't give a rat's ass about democracy.

Their Convention is a FARC!

1:10 AM, September 06, 2012  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Agreed Mike, not only a FARC but a three ring circus!

9:49 AM, September 06, 2012  
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