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Friday, September 21, 2012


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney after being pressed for several days on the unquestionable evidence that the attack on our Consulate in Libya was a terrorist attack with Al Qaeda as the culprit finally admitted in a momentary statement that it, "could," be related to terrorism. Yet his boss Barack Obama is doubling down on the idea that the attack was STILL a spontaneous response to the anti Islam video that has been the center piece of the weak and ridiculous response by Obama and his administration to the attack in Libya and the ongoing attacks and protests in more than 27 countries.

During an interview with Univision for Latino audiences Obama was FINALLY pressed on his failures and broken promises but when asked about the attack in Libya and the terrorism tie with Al Qaeda he dodged the questioned and continued his spin about the video and how our freedom of speech is misunderstood by the Muslim world and the government had nothing to do with the video.

Adding to this complete farce over the video, the administration has now put together an add that is costing $70,000 dollars to run on Pakistan Television showing both Obama and Hillary Clinton disassociating the government from the video and continuing to apologize for it.  Once again emphasizing the official administration stance that the attacks are NOT terrorism but the result of an obscure video.

The initial protests in Egypt have also been revealed as having nothing to do with the video but long planned protests that were to happen on the anniversary of 9/11.  Since then because of the apology by the administration over the video causing it to go viral on September 12, a full two days after the first official apology, some of the continuing protests and leaders of Al Qaeda are using the video as an excuse. This excuse though was not of the Muslim worlds making but the attention drawn to the video by being used as a scapegoat for failed Obama policy in the region.  Prior to the attention drawn to it by the administration it was NEVER mentioned in any protest and especially the attack on the Consulate in Libya causing the deaths of our Ambassador and three others.

Further word is coming out that Ambassador Stevens warned the State Department that he was on a, "hit list," and that his life was in danger. These warnings were ignored by the administration and as such he had no protection as he traveled through the country on official US business. Plans were in the making to possibly assign Marines to Libya for protection of our personnel sometime in the next FIVE YEARS!

Could Ambassador Stevens, two retired  Navy Seals contracted by a private company and another American public servant been intentionally sacrificed with full knowledge of the danger they were in by the Obama administration in order to protect failed Obama policy in the region? Then to ad to the cover up using the obscure video as the scapegoat in order to take the media spot light of the truth?

These questions demand to be asked and answered since Obama is doubling down regardless of the overwhelming evidence that the video had NOTHING to do with the attacks or the murders of our citizens. The web of lies and deception involved, ignoring of warnings and intentional lack of security to protect our people leads one to believe that the President who stated just a few days ago the he, "knows the Muslim world," wants what is taking place in the region to happen and the strength of America diminished as a result.

Ken Taylor


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