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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Make no mistake Barack Obama is focused on jobs. He has told the American people he would not rest, he would not do anything else except keep his focus on jobs for Americans who are out of work. Of course he has said this same thing for the last two years as unemployment has remained around 9% with real numbers that include those who have just given up on finding non existence jobs at around 15%.

He said he wouldn't rest yet once again he brags about another jobs proposal which will likely fail like others he has supposedly put forth since all of them depend only on government, but his focus on jobs has to wait WHILE he takes another rest in Martha's vineyard for another nearly two week vacation.

I guess the,"I will not rest," man's sincerity only counts AFTER he has had ample rest to allow his focus to look toward another failed attempt at creating jobs. In actuality every attempt he has made to meddle in the jobs market has failed because it involved pumping more government,(tax payer), money into programs like his failed stimulus which created only an handful of Union based jobs and destroyed thousands of jobs since it chose a government route rather than the private sector.

The fact is that creating jobs is nothing more than another campaign slogan for Barack Obama. If he was truly interested this supposed great plan he is bragging about would not wait until Congress returns or his vacation is over. Both of which provide a better PR avenue since the news cycles are slow and new viewership is smaller during the summer months and especially when Congress is on its summer break.

So make no mistake his only interest in jobs is as a way of getting public relations points and as a campaign ploy to boost his reelection bid. His continual lie that he is focused on jobs and will not rest until he does has been used so many times that reporters can quote it in their sleep since he has said the same thing dozens of times in the last two years while the jobs market has either shrunk or remains stagnant.

If government can't do it, Obama is not interested in it. Government DOES NOT create jobs the private sector does and all he is interested in for the private sector is raising taxes on private business and corporations to allow his spending binge to continue. He other interest is raising taxes on the very people who create jobs, those who have the higher incomes and use that income to expand business and create more jobs opportunities by that expansion.

So enjoy your two weeks in Martha's Vineyard Mr. Obama. Have a nice rest because millions of Americans can't afford a vacation thanks to your policy and agenda. In fact millions of Americans struggle to put food on the table and keep the lights on at home as a result of your destruction of our economy and your job killing agenda. So have a nice time vacationing in the land of the rich and famous and waiting for your PR opportunity when Congress returns to propose another failure in your long line of failure as a President.

Ken Taylor


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