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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Twelve members of Congress have been set up as the most brilliant, "non partisan," consensus making, decision makers appointed in the history of our Republic. The so called, "super committee," that will be deciding how to cut the just over $1 trillion dollars which was legislated along with the increase of the debt ceiling which amounts to more than double of the supposed spending cuts.

These lawmakers who were appointed purely for political reasons even by Speaker John Boehner who appointed more conservative members but those who ONLY had shown loyalty to him and his ideas during the ridiculous process that culminated in a equally ridiculous bill raising the debt ceiling and calling for cuts based on false numbers and a baseline which makes every cut useless and meaningless.

So since these supposed cuts are useless and meaningless, what will come out of the, "super committee," made of of these, "brilliant," lawmakers who will dictate to the rest of the Congress how to approach and supposedly tackle our massive debt? There have already been strong signals that real cuts will not even be on the table as Obama and many in Congress have indicated what minimal cuts in spending that have been made to this point are all that can be cut.

Since there is an obvious lack of willingness by most in Congress and the child in The White House to make real, deep and serious cuts, this very partisan and political committee will resort to the only course that lawmakers who are used to spending gluts always do. Dig deeper into the pockets of hard working Americans and raise both business and personal taxes to allow Washington's spending binge to continue.

These meetings to decide the fate of the American people will be in secret and nothing will be revealed in detail until AFTER a vote is taken and the decisions made which has been the case with both Congress and the entire Obama administration who have conducted a shadow government for more than two years. Closed door meetings, super secret negotiations many times blocking out the Republican party completely.

Legislation that alters the course of history in dramatic ways such as the unconstitutional Obamacare were deciding in closed door session with ultra secrecy. Even Nancy Pelosi who was then Speaker admitted just how secret it was when she stated that we would not know what was in the bill until it passed. It did and we have been finding out just how much these secret meetings took us to the cleaners as more and more of the nightmare which is Obamacare is being revealed.

This shadow government which the,"super committee," is one more blank in a long line of secrecy since the beginning of the Obama administration is bypassing the Constitutional requirement of transparency in government and the checks and balance system which was designed to prevent such secrecy and keep Constitutional principles and ideals at the forefront of our government.

These secret meetings and committee meeting behind closed doors plan legislation without the consultation or revelation of an to the American people, then bypass the Constitutional check and balance by ramming through legalisation made in secrecy without any scrutiny by the people or those who are the supposed representatives of the people.

Then illegal legislation like Obamacare is forced through and only after it passes do the American people discover just how bad the legislation is, how unconstitutional it is and how much damage it does to our Nation, the people and the very foundation of our freedoms and liberties. This, "super committee," will be no different as they too will meet in secrecy will little or no information coming out until the final recommendations are presented to the entire Congress likely just before a holiday recess and late at night on a weekend to prevent the people from seeing just how much we are being lied to and robbed by the very people we have hired to serve us.

This is not how our government was formed nor is it legally how our government is designed to operate. Yet the current administration which continually lies to the public about being completely transparent and the most transparent in our history operates in this unconstitutional and illegal manner at every turn and the current Congressional leadership from BOTH parties are active participants in this shadow government as evidenced once again by the, "super committee."

Were is not for a few true and Constitutionally sound servants of the people like South Carolina's Jim DeMint and Wisconsin's Paul Ryan, we the people would have no clue as to just how much we are being lied to and how illegal the current government is operating well outside the strict and unquestionable parameters of our Constitution.

The only way to defeat this shadow government and restore the true Constitutional government that was designed so brilliantly by our Founders is to fire the majority of the current Congress and the occupant of The White House, replacing them with strict Constitutional servants like those mentioned above.

A President and Representatives who care enough about our Constitution and respect the authority of the people of The United States through that Constitution to prevent this illegal shadow government and keep the legislative process open and Constitutional. Adhering to the strict checks and balances which prevent dictatorial actions like, "super committees," and secret White House meetings with full partisan participation.

2012 is becoming the greatest pivotal election of our Nations history. Through it we the people must decide whether we want to continue in complacency and allow government that hides behind shadows and unconstitutional actions or restore our Constitution and elect a President and Representatives whose transparency is full and in accordance to true Constitutional standards and principles. The time to move is coming quickly and our future and very existence as a free Nation hangs in the balance.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

Rep. James Clyburn (S.C.) said the recent debate over slashing spending and reducing deficits has all but ignored the toll those cuts could exact on lower income folks, particularly in minority communities. Clyburn – the third-ranking House Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) – is vowing to use his perch on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to tackle the nation’s enormous wealth gap.

Need one say anymore? Take the wealth and keep spending like crazy!

2:16 PM, August 14, 2011  
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