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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Denial, lies and distortion added to a pity party for himself. That was Barack Obama's response to a Tea Party leader who confronted him about a televised report of Vice President Joe Biden stating on the record that the Tea Party, "acts like terrorists." His remarks were part of the ridiculous rhetoric coming from the left when Obama's, "balanced," approach was being rejected by Congress because it called for raising taxes.

Not only did Obama deny that Biden said it he also called the Tea Party irresponsible since Tea Party backed Congressional members were against his plan. Additionally Obama tried the pity party approach as he told the gentleman about the things he's been called and how the rhetoric needs to tone down, then in the next statement called the Tea Party irresponsible for opposing him. In other words don't do as I do, do as I say.

This confrontation came during the midst of a three state bus tour that Obama claims has nothing to do with campaigning but his every word is an attack against the GOP and nothing more that campaign rhetoric. He is riding in a multi million dollar bus paid for by tax payers rather than his campaign. The bus is flown to the place he is visiting as he rides Air Force 1, then he boards the bus at the airport and rides to his campaign stop. Campaign fiancee laws make it illegal for candidates even a sitting President to use their office for campaign purposes. This is very close if not crossing that line.

Obama has once again shown how out of touch he is with the people as his rhetoric during the three state tour has been nothing more that telling voters the only way to tackle our economic problems is with tax hikes. This coincides with his false belief that most Americans agree with him and want their taxes raised. Not surprisingly he has received a luke warm at best reaction from relatively small audiences.

His numbers are crashing into the 30's, his failures are obvious and his rhetoric is out of touch. Yet he believes he is the spokesman for the people and the people are with him. Obama is delusional and as partisan as they come. His arguing with the Tea Party leader shows his arrogance and his lack of any ability to be Presidential in anything. This is the arrogant child we can expect to see on the campaign trail until his defeat in November 2012.

Ken Taylor


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