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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Liberal and mouthy California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters used the so called, "dialed down," rhetoric that was called for by her leader Barack Obama and in a tirade in a constituent town hall yelled out at the Tea Party and said, "the Tea Party can go straight to hell." Using the Tea Party as the scapegoat for high unemployment and the state of the economy rather than placing the blame where it belongs on the failed policy and agenda of Barack Obama along with the leftist polices she has supported and we are suffering from after two years of total Democrat rule.

During the debt ceiling debacle the talking point line from Democrats was to blame the Tea Party for Congress not bowing to Obama's demands to raise taxes with little or no spending cuts in order to increase revenues allowing for his spending binge to continue. The S&P downgrade which came as a result of Obama's lack of willingness to cut spending along with our massive debt of which he is directly responsible for more that a $4 trillion dollar increase in less than two years became known by Democrats as,"the Tea Party downgrade."

Now Waters in an angry tirade blames the Tea Party for all of the woes suffered by her constituency in California. Democrats treat the Tea Party as if it's an organized third party. Never accepting that their attacks are against a grass roots movement of the people from all walks of American life and all parties including their own. An attack on the Tea Party is an attack against average Americans who are only standing up for our Constitution and calling for reduced government and reduced spending which will be necessary for our country to survive.

Of course the main stream media has ignored this angry tirade by Waters. Had a Republican Representative said anything similar about a leftist group it would have been headline news and the lead story in every liberal news network. But a Democrat said it so it is fine by the media and of course Barack Obama who had condemned the Tea Party as irresponsible for not bowing to his tax increases has nothing to say about Waters dialing down the rhetoric. The total hypocrisy of the left shines once again in the form of the mouth of Maxine Waters.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

If anyone said Maxine Waters should "go to hell... and I itned to make that happen" they would be investigate by the FBI.

But somehow, making these kind of statements about the Tea Party is just business as usual.

2:48 PM, August 23, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a party double standard. I certainly don't condone the statements made by Waters, but as was discussed in the video, there is a lot of name-calling against Obama. Marxist, socialist, terrorist, Muslim, and on and on. These are simply fear tactics by the right to scare Americans. I don't support Obama, but I can assure you, that none of these things are true about him. To be fair, perhaps you should post a story on that.

2:22 PM, September 18, 2011  
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