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Sunday, August 21, 2011


We in this country that we love and hold so dear in our hearts are at a crossroads. Many believe that crossroad comes in the 2012 election. I beg to differ with those who do. While that election is an important focal point for our future the crossroad we face as a Nation is now and our ability to make the correct path as we choose which direction to take on the crossroad is quickly coming.

We have seen especially in the ridiculous debate and result of the debt ceiling debacle that our divided government is at a stand still, making stupid decisions and not having any ability to come to any decision that is for the betterment of the country and the people of The United States. Our debt is massive with spending that is out of control and unsustainable and NO ONE in any leadership capacity that can actually do anything about it is concerned with anything but compromise and appeasing the Washington crowd.

Barack Obama wants to do nothing in the way of cutting and seeks to raise taxes in order to continue the spending binge that has plagued Washington for many years but has exploded since he took office. Reid in the Senate agrees with Obama and will let NOTHING even make it to the floor in the Senate that does not have tax increases and only the illusion of spending cuts.

The House, thank God, will not agree to ANY tax increases which is our ONLY saving grace from that nightmare attack on our personal pocket books and our economy as a whole. But Speaker Boehner is to weak and to concerned about compromise to force the hand of Obama and Reid with real spending cuts which are immediate and deep. When pushed on the issue of his all to willing need to compromise on everything except tax increases, Boehner's response was, "that's the way Washington works."

The problem in the House as a result is that even with a GOP majority Boehner and much of the leadership have that same DC insider philosophy and though talking a good game of cutting spending the true willingness and forcefulness needed to do so it just not there. Even with a plan that makes the tough decisions and deep cuts like that which was submitted by Paul Ryan earlier this year comes, the willingness to push it through and force the hand of the spenders in not in most of the House leadership.

So like it or not the economy, the downgraded credit rating and the stagnation of Congress with an impasse between the House, Senate and Obama is what we are stuck with until January 2013 when the results of the 2012 election take root. Our economy WILL NOT improve, unemployment will not drop, millions will remain out of work and spending will not decrease as well as debt only increasing.

The unconstitutional joke known as the, "super committee," will meet to big fanfare. The secrecy will then take place and sometime before the year is out their recommendations will show their partisan face and the Congress will be faced in an election year with voting to raise taxes, cut defense spending or something along those lines and no one in the House and the third of the Senate up for reelection will EVER vote in favor of anything of that nature during an election year.

So the impasse we face and the government we have as bad as it is along with the economy they are responsible for will be with us until after the election. That is why the 2012 election is so important. An impasse run divided government with weak leadership is not what this country needs. We know without doubt that a complete liberal government is absolutely NOT what we need since we have lived through and now suffer from the results of two years of total liberal leadership in both Congress and The White House.

This is why we face a crossroads in America NOW rather than at the time of the 2012 election. It is NOW that we as free Americans must decide whether we want to continue with the DC as usual crowd or replace them with true Constitutional Representatives whose conservative ideal and beliefs will restore our Nation to the principles which our Founders intended for this country and are the ONLY salvation for an America whose future remains free and prosperous.

We must decide now whether we want to continue with divided government that faces impasse after impasse accomplishing nothing but stealing news headlines with more of the same garbage we watched during the debt ceiling debacle. We must decide now whether we want to send Representatives to Washington who truly want to serve the people and repair the terrible damage that government has done to our country or leave the elites in power regardless of party and watch them continue the path of national destruction.

I believe the Nation is already deciding now that the current White House occupant will not return. Who will take his place is still a mystery. But The White House is only on part of our government and unless we place strong Constitutional conservative leaders in both the House and the Senate no matter who sits in the Oval Office we will continue to face much of the same from Washington.

Ronald Reagan was able as President to force Congress to many decision he demanded even with a divided government. He had the backing of the people and the charisma and strength of character and ability to take his case before the people as no other before him or since has been able to do. We will NEVER find another Reagan as much as we would like to.

We do have some in Congress now who have strong Constitutional conservative qualities that we can look to as an example of those we need to replace the elites and compromisers in Washington. Men like Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint who are uncompromising in their principles and Constitutionally sound in their governing philosophy.

As we face this crossroads in advance of the 2012 election it is the responsibility of we the people of The United States to MAKE our government answerable and accountable to us and place those who understand this and their responsibility to the people and the Constitution in office in order to restore our Republic and fix the madness and damage that has been done.

I will not presume to tell any of you who to vote for because it is also each of our personal responsibilites and duty as the one true authority over our government to research and understand candidates and decide of our own accord whether they meet the Constitutional standards and principles that our Founders placed before us to abide by and select those we choose to serve us.

I gave two examples of men who meet those standards and now we must exercise our responsibility to elect others who meet those same standards. We must decide now and look for those who will serve us in accordance to the Constitutional principles which can restore our Nation and we must find them and support them now to clean house in DC and have a slate of Representatives who will work for the people and the Nation looking to our future and cleaning up the past. If we do not succeed at this crossroads point then the America that we have known and history shows as the greatest Nation on Earth will cease to exist and our children will NEVER know true Constitutional freedom and independence becoming slaves to a socialist government.

Ken Taylor


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