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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


9/11 is a day that no one who was alive at the time will ever forget. Each of us can remember where we were and what we were doing at 8:45 that Tuesday morning in 2001 when we heard the first plane had hit The World Trade Center. We will never forget the scene as the buildings collapsed or the Pentagon burned and the field in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 crashed.

We will never forget the desperation of those who chose to jump rather than burn or the hundreds trapped at the top of the Twin Towers looking beyond all hope for some way out of the inferno. And we will NEVER forget who did this to The United States. Islamic fanatics known as Al Qaeda.

Yet now ten years later the occupant of The White House is politicizing this decade remembrance of 9/11 by personally issuing talking points to his staff and members of his administration to use during interviews or appearances any may make during the days leading up to and the 9/11 anniversary itself. He has ordered that any reference of Al Qaeda be minimized, yes minimized.

Is this yet another attempt by Obama to downplay the role of a fanic Muslim group in the worst terrorist attack in our Nations history and yes the history of the world? Facts are facts Mr. Obama and the fact is Muslim extremists working for Al Qaeda hijacked planes and flew them into The World Trade Center, The Pentagon and into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and nothing you can do or say to make is more politically correct changes the facts.

To politicize 9/11 is as ridiculous a move as any that this occupant of the Oval Office has made since taking office in January of 2009. Does he actually think that Americans can ever forget who did this to us simply because he orders his staff not to mention Al Qaeda or issues talking points? This is NOT a day of political hey nor a time for anyone especially a President to use politics or PC to stress a point or force the American people into remembering a certain way because this idiot wants it to be.

We were attacked without provocation by Muslim extremists and they called themselves Al Qaeda. Do we ever NOT mention that and ally now but an enemy then, the Japanese, attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941? Absolutely not! The facts are the facts and even nearly 70 years after the attack it was still the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor just as ten years later it was Al Qaeda who attacked us on 9/11.

The politicizing of 9/11 is not only uncalled for but coming from a President it becomes a act of lunacy since it involves a remembrance that affects every American and a scar that is still painful even ten years later. Barack Obama is a political animal but on 9/11 he needs to cage that animal and let the American people remember the anger, the hurt and the events INCLUDING WHO did it in our own way without his meddling for political correctness sake. His actions are an insult to the American people, the memories of those who perished and the America that changed because of Al Qaeda.

Ken Taylor


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