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Sunday, August 28, 2011


When Ronald Reagan was elected President there were many especially those on the left and the GOP country club set who lashed out at him because he was a former actor. Claiming that an actor was not qualified to be President and as such he would make a terrible Chief Executive. President Reagan was asked how an actor can be President and he replied,"how can a President not be an actor." Reagan understood that a President had to have some acting ability to be able to handle the public functions of a President.

During the eighties Reagan was often accused of acting like a President because of his previous profession, but his actions in office more than proved that AS President he was not just an actor but the greatest Chief Executive of the 20th Century. The story is not the same for the occupant of the Oval Office today, for if ever we had an actor as President it is in Barack Obama.

Actors play a role they have rehearsed for, and studied so they may PLAY that role to try and at least look convincing in that role though in actuality the best they are doing is pretending to be that role for the purpose of entertainment. Barack Obama is nothing more than an actor who is pretending to be President.

He steps before the cameras and says his lines, even placing proper emphasis on parts that need a more dramatic touch. He shows up to act like he is in charge and knows what he is doing like his recent PR photo op pretending he was taking charge of federal disaster operations in the after math of Hurricane Irene. He sat behind a table and spoke the words which sounded like he knew what he was talking about but just vague enough so as to not reveal he didn't have a clue as to the real details and efforts being put forth.

This is what an actor does, he learns his lines, says them eloquently and pretends to know what he is talking about without having a clue as to what is real and what is not. Making everything look good for the cameras and having the appearance of the real deal without actually being the real deal.

Barack Obama has acted like President. He has learned the lines to say eloquently. He knows how to stand before a camera and make the dramatic rhetoric. He can give the appearance of being a President but behind the scenes where the true Presidency is, like an actor playing a role, he has no clue as to what a President is and how a President works and the country is suffering for it.

As President he has failed continuously to meet the issues head on with any plan that can actually work. Like an actor he keeps repeating the same lines and the same scenes as if rehearsing to hopefully get it right one day without really being able to get the scene right so he does another take in order to try again repeating the same failures and continuing the slide our country is taking under his administration.

Like an actor he takes to his stage to give the illusion he is handling the situation and like an actor when he walks off the stage and reality becomes true the act does nothing more than create an atmosphere that lends those who support him to think he knows what he is doing but the results never change and the problems only worsen.

He even knows how to make the costumed appearance for whatever function he is attending. He wears a tux to impress the money bags. He roles his sleeves up without a jacket when he wants to give the illusion through his speech of making no mistake, he will not rest until the problem is solved. He wears the proper gear when he plays while on vacation or taking a break from his acting school when he thinks the cameras might be looking.

But when on stage he never quite gets the part right, nor lays to rest the lingering doubts from even his supporters that he knows what he is doing. There is good reason why those doubts are always there. His actions have proven since taking office he DOES NOT know what he is doing and acting as President is all he can do and he is NOT a convincing actor in the role.

Being President is far more than looking the part or saying the right words. It is the ability to lead and make decisions based on available information and NOT making the same mistakes over and over thinking that it will work differently if it is explained better or given more air time in the news whether by White House speeches to the Nation, press conferences or campaign style trips by bus or by plane.

Barack Obama is not only a failed President but a failed actor. He has used his time in office to benefit himself and his arrogance and left the country hanging on the edge of a cliff waiting for destruction at his hands. As an actor he can no longer convince even those who have followed him that he knows what he is doing. Those of us who saw through the act in 2008 have never been convinced.

So we are faced with a failed actor who is pretending to be President and this one NEVER went to Hollywood. President Reagan was an actor who BECAME a great President. Barack Obama is a nobody who has tried to act like President but has become our worst Chief Executive and unfortunately sinking the country in the despair of his failure.

Ken Taylor


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